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Another day of leisure. John played “Fable – The Lost Chapters” on XBox most of the day – he is probably only 1/3 through the game. John is much better at XBox games then I am – he is more … Continue reading

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We to lunch with Perry, Paul and Rob at Qdoba’s and then I went hunting for 8-tracks. I went to five different thrift shops on St. Charles Rock Road and on Olive Road. Only one of the stores had any … Continue reading

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We both slept in until around 9:00 am this morning. The cold we both have makes us more sleepy then usual. I’m about done with the cold except for a nagging cough. John is doing better also – he still … Continue reading

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Made it home from my parents house in Thomson, IL with no problems. It took me around 5 1/2 hours to get back – I don’t mind driving, but I was glad it was not much further….. I received an … Continue reading

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I spent the day watching my parents make cookies, taking Peggy for walks and reading a computer book. I’m feeling much better then the last few days – I still have a scratchy throat, stuffed up head and a bit … Continue reading

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I had an uneventful 5 1/2 hour trip to my parent house in Thomson, IL. They have a foot and a half of snow.  It was 64 when I left St. Louis at 1:00pm and now it is 34 outside. … Continue reading

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Today was the last day of work for me this year and I have my Christmas shopping all done. Tonight I finished wrapping gifts, got laundry done and have started to get things organized for when we leave. John and … Continue reading

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Long day at work – worked until 6:00pm then went and got my hair done for the holiday. After getting hair cut I stopped at Target in Brentwood and Walmart on Hanson Road – both stores were basically trashed – … Continue reading

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I got sent home early from work today – the main water main for Monsanto broke and there was not enough water for the bathrooms or for the steam heat. They made an announcement at 2:00pm asking everyone to go … Continue reading

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