We made it through the relationship study on Saturday without any major disagreements or hissy fits. I did not like it when they took my blood pressure 4 times at the beginning of the video portion and 4 times again at the end. I did not pass out, but I was getting cold, clammy and light headed by the end. Most of the interview was about our early childhood experiences with our parents and how that relates to our interaction as a couple now. John and I were interviewed separately during this part. We were then brought back together to be video taped while we interact with each other. There was one segment where we had to discuss something that we both rate as something we disagree about the most. So we talked about money for 10 minutes while connected to heart and biometric sensors. The nice part was when they handed us both $50.00 in cash at the end of it all.

John worked all day today and it was rainy and overcast during the morning and early afternoon. I watched the newest King Kong movie on DVD that I checked out from the Normal, IL library.. I liked the movie – it had more of a plot then I expected, the special effects were cool and the part on Skull Island was scary. I liked seeing Kong race down the streets of 1930’s New York. I told John that he should watch it tomorrow. My only complaint about the movie is that is was soo long…

I called my Dad and wished him a happy Father’s Day. He received the Omaha Steaks I ordered along with a Father’s Day card that featured a dad reclining in a big lazy boy chair. He seemed to like both gifts. Makes me hungry for steak!

Tomorrow I will be starting my last week of working at my current desk at State Farm. On Friday I get to pack everything up and have all my files, books and computer moved to my new desk at CIBER’s office in downtown Bloomington, IL. It should be an interesting week of getting procedures in place so I can continue to work with my coworkers while being off-site.

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