Had an ok day at work. Working in a stuffy room with no windows is starting to get to me a little bit. I need to get a plant at my desk or something to keep it from being so stark. I need to find a plant that will live in low florescent lighting. A lady at work suggested a violet… Perhaps I can get a nice vase at Goodwill and bring a new bouquet of cut flowers each week and watch them slowly die….

The weather is a little cooler then it has been so I spend an hour or so out on the picnic table practicing morse code – I’m getting decent at taking down five words at a time. Next week I will increase the amount of words that I receive in preparation for the exam.

Tonight Scott stopped by the camper and we chatted while waiting for John to get home from work. After John arrived we went to Noodles for supper… It is nice to be able to spend some time with Scott in person. It is kinda funny that we read each others blogs so it seems like we don’t have much to talk about in person. I like to talk about the things that I don’t post on the blogs….

Tomorrow we plan on driving out to Comlaura and have supper with Bernie, Mike and Scott. John will take the camper out and get setup on Friday morning.

Here is a new morse code message:

.–. .-. .. -. -.-. . … .- -.– … — . — .–

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