You can hear me giving a description of the Vintage Computer Fair on this weeks edition (show #52) of the RetroBitsPodcast. I posted on the Retrobits online forum about going to the fair and the host, Earl, asked me to send him a write up of what the show was like. Instead of a write up, I sent him an MP3 audio file that I recorded. I was really cool hearing myself on his podcast!

My work day went by quickly – probably because I was busy. The air conditioning is still not working properly and the air around my desk still warm and muggy – but better then sitting outside….

After work John wanted to go to Noodles for supper – I had the Pasta Fresca with fetta cheese… One of my favorites..

Our neighbor, Dawn, left for Washington state today and left her site looking like this:
I thought this was super tacky….

Now that Dawn is gone we are feeling the effects of slower internet connections… I guess we will either get used to it or order DSL service. I guess it depends on the progress we are making in obtaining an RV…….

The RV park has started to clear out a bit this week – there’s 3 sites open tonight. The humidity here probably got to them so they probably went further north….

The new cat litter is not working out very well – Prince still manages to scatter it around a little bit – he must grab hold of the litter with his hind paws when he jumps out of the top of the litter box? The pellets become soggy sawdust when are tinkled upon and they don’t control odor very well. I think I will go back to the crystal type litter – it did a better job of controlling odor and not being a soggy mess…. it is worth it to not smell kitty poo while watching TV….

We watched the movie “Kinsey” this evening. It was interesting to see how much of an impact Dr. Kinsey had on general sexual perceptions. It is also interesting knowing that his study is still the largest study done on human sexual behavior. I wonder if it is still illegal to have oral sex in Indiana, like the movie said? I would like to read some of his books now to see exactly what he documented. Perhaps I can find the source of a certain someone’s certain sexual hang-ups? Perhaps some mysteries are best left unsolved…

While watching the movie, I took several ham radio practice exams that are available for free on the internet. I passed 3 out of 4 exams. I need to set a firm date for going and taking the exam and the study nightly to prepare….

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