When I left work at 4:45pm a nasty storm was starting to roll in. Lots of thunder, lightening and wind. It started to rain a little bit by the time I made it to the camper and secured the garbage cans. The storm went around us – we did not get much rain or wind but it did manage to knock out the power in the trailer park for 2.5 hours. Besides not having use of the TV, microwave and air conditioner having battery power in the camper made it easy to get by. I spent most of the evening reading “The Night Listener” by Armistead Maupin in preparation for Wanda Wisdom’s book club. The book is a good read – I’m over 1/2 way done with it.

One of my favorite passages from the book is:

“It’s hell to lust for your tormentors, to know from the beginning that your deepest need can only betray you, only expel you from the tribe. So when you grow up, you find a tribe of your own, with guys just like you, to keep from feeling that way ever again. Only you do sometimes, as I had done that morning at Pasqua, seeing Jess among the leathermen, wondering what they could offer that I could not. That age-old pain came roaring out of nowhere to remind me that I’d never be strong enough, never be handsome enough, never be young enough, to really be a man among men.”

There is no deep meaning in the above passage for me, it just struck me as being interesting. The book club conversation should be intriguing. I think there is some big twist in the story, but I have not gotten that far in the story line yet…..

John is still wheeling and dealing with RV dealers…… we might know something tomorrow.. but then again maybe we will not……

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