Typical day at work – I converted 5 or 6 insurance forms. For lunch I went to Bangkok Thai and had Red Curry Pad Thai with chicken – was very good! The cute little waitress remembered that I like hot tea with my lunch which was nice.

The Entertainment Beat With Frances Gumm” podcast came out with a new episode (#17) that was really funny. Judy Garland was a guest on a faux recreation of “The Golden Girls” TV show – she played the role of a lesbian who has a crush on Rose. It was funny, bizarre and so much fun to listen to. You really should check it out….

For supper we had pizza from Casey’s. I don’t cook on Friday nights. We had enough coupons saved from the pizza boxes to finally get the pizza for free.

In the mail I received the cables I need to connect the Epson PX-8 to my Apple PowerBook G4, now I just need to download and configure the software that will emulate the disk drives. I hope I can get this to work so I can then download CP/M programs and run them. I would like to get a word processor, Spreadsheet and some programming languages working. I eventually want to get an EPROM programmer so I can create ROMS of programs that I can plug directly into the Epson. Perhaps I can find one at an upcoming hamfest.

I also received the “Clivilles + Cole Greatest Remixes Vol. 1″ CD in the mail that I ordered off of www.BarterBee.com. Clivilles + Cole were the main guys behind the C&C Music Factory. They have a cool remix of “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” that I really like. I like BarterBee because once I tired of the games, music and movies I have I just list them for sale, gain points and use the points to get different stuff. This works well because I can use the same bank of points over and over….

I’m looking forward to moving into an RV – It will be really nice to have more storage and to be able to keep the coffee maker out on the counter. It’s the little things that will make it really nice. John is not sure if the RV comes with the outdoor entertainment center option, but who needs that when I have a portable 8-track player and a box of tapes. ;) Hope we have room inside the RV to install an 8-track player – we can listen to “Alice’s Resteraunt” while driving down the road at 54 mph to get decent gas mileage.

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