Our camping vacation at Comlara County Park ended today – we are back in our regular spot in Normal, IL.


Molly playing with Prince

This morning we spent time with Scott and Molly. We brought Prince over to Scott’s RV and let them attempt to play together. Molly was very nice and liked to lick Princes ears and face. Prince let her do it but he was not sure how to play himself. Here is a picture of Prince and Molly that I borrowed from Scott Hicks web site:

It was sad to say good bye to everyone but I’m sure we will see them again soon. Scott is spending the next month with his parents in Rockford, IL and we hope to be able to go camping at Rock Cut park to see him and Bernie/Mike again.

Once we got all setup at our site in Normal, IL we drove to Bradley, IL to look at an RV that John saw online. We did not get home until around 8:00pm.

I’m not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow and going to work. It has been really nice to be able to sleep until I’m done for the last 5 days…

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