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At .75 cents a minute for slow internet access, a few pictures will be worth more then lots of typing. We are enjoying our second day at sea – tomorrow will be our first stop – St. Martins Island. Here’s … Continue reading

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The trip to South Florida was fine – we did not run into heavy traffic until we hit I-95 30 miles away. We meet up with Buck and Jeff at a mall to complete some last minute shopping. We made … Continue reading

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I took a look at the number of visits this blog has had so far this month – it is at an all time high of 14,081 visitors, beating last months 11,957 visits… I’m not sure where all of the … Continue reading

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I did not make it home until 7:30pm last night. I worked until 6:00pm and then drove across town to pickup our suits. Once at the store, it took 15 minutes for someone to figure out how to take the … Continue reading

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I’m back to working some long hours again at work this week – but knowing that I have next week off makes it a bit easier to cope with. I just need to get everything working, in place and ready … Continue reading

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We spent most of the weekend getting ready for the upcoming cruise. On Saturday we went to the Big Top Flea Market and purchased a case of assorted wine to bring along. We also purchased a large box of c-fold … Continue reading

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I had a really nice Valentines Day. I only worked an 8 hour day so I got home earlier then normal. It was a nice evening out so I sat outside with Prince while grilling some brats for supper. Prince … Continue reading

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I had a decent day at work – the powers that be have deemed the application I have been working on to be of good enough quality to “go live” with it. Next week it will start to be used … Continue reading

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I had another long day at work – arrived at 7:00am and left at 6:45pm…. This should be the last week of these long hours…. John is still working on getting his aviation headset to work with the ham radio. … Continue reading

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