John spent yesterday cleaning up a cottage here at the RV park for his Dad and Betsy. The cottage is old, but at least it has a decent bathroom, kitchen and TV. This morning John is helping one of the residents of the RV park fix the trailer lights on his RV. I guess there are 5 wires on one side of the wiring and only 4 on the other… a trip to Advance Auto Parts, some crimp connectors, a few snips here, a multi-meter there and it will be working….. I explained to John that this is more of a social occasion then the opportunity to fix something and he should expect to be there all day…


Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function. - Joseph Wood Krutch

Here is a picture of Prince I took the other day – he was posing for the camera:

The drive home from work has been particularly awfully the past few days. On Thursday I was stuck behind a black Mercury Sable with two white globes of hair poking up above the head rests. They decided going 45 mph down I-4E during rush hour traffic was a good idea. Being in the middle lane I was unable to pass them for around 5 miles because of the volume of traffic speeding by on both sides…. Once I was able to get around them, traffic then slowed down to stop and go for the last 6 miles of my commute. Having to share the road with people who go 85+mph and those who go 45mph is nuts. I will not miss the insane traffic here in Tampa…

GP2X Game System

I finally got my missing paycheck yesterday. To celebrate getting paid, and to boost my spirits, I did a little internet shopping therapy. I have a GP2X open source gaming device on order. It is cool because it is a completely open source Linux game system that can run emulators of many vintage video game systems along with games written specifically for it – here is a list of emulators it has. I can run most emulators on my Mac PowerBook G4, but I usually run into two problems – screen size and controls for it. The lower resolution games look like postage stamps on my 1440 x 900 screens, and it is difficult to configure joysticks, gampads and the like to work with most emulators. The GP2X automatically scales the screen resolution and it has built in joystick/gamepad controls that the emulators are configured for.

I’m looking forward to playing Pitfall on Atari 2600l, Mission Impossible on Commodore 64, Snafu on Intellivision, Smurf on Colecovision, and other favorite vintage video games…

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