Hail Falling

I did not get much done yesterday, partially because we had a nasty thunder storm complete with nickel sized hail. The storm lasted about an hour and the hail made lots of noise as it hit the fiberglass roof of the motor home. Here’s a few pictures of the hail falling:


More Hail...

The hail was small enough to not do any damage to our vehicles and the motor home. After the storm was over I thought that things would cool off a bit – nope! The temps went right back up to the upper 90’s… very hot and steamy… Yuck!!

I have been watching Canadian Idol for the last two week and have been enjoying it very much. The show is a bit different then American Idol – there are four judges (Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner & Farley Flex) and the contestants just need two judges to like them to go on, the contestants are allowed to play a musical instrument (usually a guitar) while they sing.

Canadian Idol is a bit more down to business – they had two audition shows and then all the contestants meet in Toronto where they go from 192 to the top 22 in just two shows. Canada has some hot guys…

Top 11 Canadian Idol male contestants

My favorite two contestants are:

Derek Hoffman

Greg Neufeld

I’ve been using BitTorrent to download the complete shows. The bad part is that it takes 2 or 3 days to download each episode. Email me if you want to know exactly where to find the torrents for the show. It will be fun to see how each of the contestants does this season.

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