I just made it home from work at 7:45pm. I had three sets of code that were moved into Production. The moves appear to have gone smoothly, but tomorrow will be when any problems with it will be found. These moves took several weeks to complete – so it is good riddance to have them done and over with.

I stopped and picked up some supper at Burger King so I don’t have to deal with cooking and doing dishes yet tonight. It is too late to get my walk in – so it is not an overly healthy evening for me… oh well…. I managed to get a total of 5304 steps in – I did mall walking during my lunch hour.

The blog has hit a new milestone, this month we have had over 30,000 visitors. The past record was just over 25,000 visits in a single month. I’m sure that a large number of the “visits” are from spammers, bots and the like, but I’m confident that more actual people are checking us out – which is pretty cool.

I would like to thank everyone for the shout-it-outs and emails about our upcoming trip to the Biltmore Estates. I think our initial plans are a bit over ambitious. I think I will do the base package along with the self-guided audio tour and then perhaps just one of the behind the scenes tours. Now I’m a bit worried that living in the motor home will feel extra confining after seeing the over-the-top rooms in the mansion :).

Biltmore Bedroom

I’m still waiting for Episode 4 of Canadian Idol to finish up downloading. It is currently at 679 megs out of 701 megs. I have also started to download episode 5… might be done by next week. It is pretty sad that it takes this long when I have broadband internet access….

Canadian Idol

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