I managed to get my walk in tonight. I chaffed the back of my right foot and it hurts a bit as I walk… perhaps my shoes are getting a bit wore out or loose….

I just got done watching episode 5 of American Idol – it was the first “boys night”.

My favorite performers were Dwight D’eon and Greg Neufeld.

Here is a clip of Greg performing:

Here is a clip of Dwight performing:

Dwight’s build reminds me of the gay “Billy” dolls. Here is a picture of UPS Driver Billy:

UPS Driver Billy

I like how Canadian Idol keeps emphasizing that they want contestants who have “feeling, desire and someone who ‘means it’. It is a bit different to have a much smaller audience and stage for the elimination shows, but it seems more intimate and not as commercial as American Idol. Now I need to try and download the next show which features the girls. From the shout-it-out I guess the girls don’t do so hot….

My shout-it-out box has been getting hit by spammers alot in the past week – tonight I spent 15 minutes deleting 200 occurrences of “myfreepaysite”… not much fun. I did add it to my list of banned sayings – so I hope that is the last of it…

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