Our Time Warner Road Runner internet service has not been working since Monday night. We had a down pour on Monday night and I suspect that water got into the cable connections outside. John has been checking out our connection to the main box on our site, but nothing he has tried has made much of a difference. I called support tonight and they are sending someone out to check it on Sunday morning sometime from 8:00am to noon…. at least I don’t need to take time off from work and wait for them. I’m using our Sprint Internet card for internet – it is slow, but at least it is functional.

I had a late night at work – did not get home until 7:00pm… I had an emergency move make it into Production tonight – so it seems like I’m making some progress. With some luck I will probably had two more emergency moves go in tomorrow. For lunch I went with my coworkers to Monterey’s Mexican Buffet to say good-bye to one of the System Administrators who is leaving to go work for another company. I like Monterey’s food – it seems home made and is full of flavor. They make a really really good corn casserole that I enjoy each time I go there along with a dish with green cactus.

The ebay auction for the six 8-tracks for the 2-XL toy ended and I sent them off to the winner in the United Kingdom. The shipping cost more then the ending price of the auction. The winner of the auction pays for shipping so all is good.

John picked up all of the parts he needs to replace the bearing and brakes on his Truck this weekend. He is still waiting for the heater core to arrive – so much for paying for two day shipping….. He will have a busy weekend working on all of his new projects…

Last weekend marked the one year anniversary of purchasing our motor home. We did the paperwork and moved in on July 28th, 2006. The main thing I remember about moving into the motor home was how much stuff we had tucked away in our old trailer. I thought we would have much more storage space in the Winnebago, but most of the extra space was taken up by the stuff we had in the back of John’s truck. John has been slowly filling up the back of his truck again :) He complains that I have too much “stuff”, but I know he has more “stuff” then I do when you take into account his massive tool collection. He says that tools are not “stuff” and don’t count… yeah right….

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