Greetings from up North!


John power washing the deck on the boat house

We are both in the thick of things with getting ready for the wedding. Yesterday John and I went to Appleton, WI to pick up wedding gifts that we went together with John’s sister with. Two of the gifts were unassembled wooden Adirondack chairs. We assembled them in John’s dad’s workshop and then put a coat of primer on them. They are a pain to paint – lots of little areas on them… but we managed to get them both primed yesterday. John also spent time power washing the boathouse deck and stairs. He spent several hours working at it. Then we went out to the Gobblers Knob Supper Club for drinks and supper with family and friends. We all had family style fried chicken and fried fish. The chicken was pretty good and the fish was OK. I didn’t have much to eat all day, so it tasted good. After supper we went back to the house and I went fishing for 30 minutes. I stopped at 10:30pm because nothing was biting and the bugs were really bad. Some sort of little moths that were swarming all over the deck. I had enough…..


John and his Dad assembling one of the chairs


One of the chairs assembled and ready to be primed.

We are starting to get more “neighbors” in the camp ground. Mostly families in travel trailers and 5th wheels. They like to stare at us when we are outside…. I’m starting to hear banjo music in the background and smell cheese curds……

This morning John’s dad knocked on the RV door at 7:15 am ready to go for breakfast. John was not amused and I was still sleeping. I passed on going for breakfast and John got ready while his dad waited… Then I did not see John again until around 12 noon. I spent the morning doing stuff around the motor home and reading a book. After breakfast he was asked to mow the lawn and help with stuff around the house. At noon he went back to the motor home to get me. I drove John’s Dad’s truck back to the house (following John in his truck). Then John and his dad took off to run errands. They were gone all afternoon. They stopped at lots of stores in the Appleton area to get stuff like soda, beer and gifts. They made it back to the house by 4:45pm for the wedding rehearsal at 5:00. I spent some time fishing on the back dock. I think it was a “Sheeps Head” which are junk fish – but I put it in the live tank just in case it was something worth keeping. I then worked on putting a coat of paint on the two Adirondack chairs and had the first one done before John came home and helped me finish up the second one.

Tonight John is meeting up with two of his high school classmates that he has not seen for years. I assume we will go out somewhere and have some drinks and supper..

Tomorrow is the big day – so I’m sure we will be busy with last minute preparations and etc before the wedding starts at 5:30pm.

I will attempt to upload a few pictures – not sure if I can with the ssslllllooooowwwwww internet connection here…..

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