Hello all, John here.

Seems this weather pattern is the typical here, woke to a frosty windshield, but sunny skies, which quickly turned to overcast, then rain, and again sunshine. Still much nicer than WI right now!

I have been working on waxing the Motor home, I am about 3/4 done now. Disappointed I could not find the Collintie’s Wax I like here in town I settled for a good paste wax. I like paste wax better, it seems you don’t use as much of it, however I still prefer the result of the Collinite Insulator Wax. I will most likely order some from a distributor, I think they also have a paste wax version of it.

The shock of Derek’s pending unemployment is still settling in. He has been busy sending out resume’s and calling his past contacts. A couple leads have popped up, but our experience is that it takes lots of them! We have been talking about what we will do from here… What the emergency plans are, etc. Derek is checking out unemployment insurance, it won’t pay much, but at least it will be some cash coming in. We have rent paid here until the 31st, so our current holiday plans will still work for now. The next couple weeks are sort of busy with people coming to visit, and us visiting family. If nothing breaks loose by the 31st, we will most likely head to Quartzite, AZ. Cheap rent on BLM land, and January is the perfect month for being there. Even if we head back East we aren’t going that far our of route, and being this time of year the added 400 miles might be worth it not to have to drive over Donner Pass in January. Quartzsite, AZ might be the silver lining in this whole thing anyhow. We haven’t been there in several years, and we have always wanted to get back, this might become a nice vacation trip.

Ok, now I have a semi-political rant, that might not be so popular… So, Barrack Obama asked Rick Warren to speak at his Inauguration. Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled to hear this Evangelist speaking at this historic event, and felt pretty hollow thinking “Great, He is gonna sell us down the road just like Clinton did.” I even sent off an e-mail to his “Transition Team” stating my displeasure. I will be the first to admit, I don’t know much about Rick Warren, but I do know he was in support of Proposition 8, and carries the same ‘Moral Right’ idealism that most men of the cloth carry. Today I had a discussion with a friend I know on a Forum I participate in, and he was pretty neutral on the subject, and then I saw the YouTube of Obama’s justification of the choice. I do feel somewhat more at ease, since he seems to be using this as something of an Olive Branch to the right. I do agree with him that diversity is a great asset, and being diverse doesn’t just mean the minorities get to stand on the stage. After all, it isn’t like he picked someone like Rev. Wright, or Fred Phelps, he choose a minister who is actually pretty main stream, even through he still doesn’t agree with “Us”. Anyhow, my point is the LGBT community might just b overacting a hair bit here. While I agree it is important that we voice our displeasure, I also think it is time to move on.

That being said, while I really like the Momentum behind the protests. I still believe we need to keep the issue in the headlines. However, I fear we have lost a lot of credibility. Every incident that happens that is negative WILL draw unwanted press. Every foam cross thrown to the ground, every sign that can be interpreted as negative, every action we take is being watched. We need to as a group focus on doing what we preach, we need to start being the Inclusive, Loving, Diverse people we claim we are. Hate speech works both ways, and frankly I am sick of seeing ‘Stupid’ demonstrations, and Hateful signs that throw hate back at the opposition. Our Movement is about Love, Peace, and the right to be who we are. It isn’t about denying or limiting other peoples rights, as they have the right to think what they want, even as misguided as it may be. I agree, with Barrack Obama, we need to come together, that is the only way we will get anything done! The way we will win this battle is proving to the world we are all those things we say we are, not by ridiculing the best chance we have had in a long time to help gain those rights.

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