Howdy, Derek here in Arlington, TX….

I made it back from Philadelphia last evening on time without any major problems. The flight home was interesting because one of the passengers had a “medical emergency” two rows in front of me. It appeared that a guy in his mid-40’s passed out and his wife called out for help. The amount of assistance from the stewardesses was quite impressive. They got medical equipment out right away and asked if there was anyone on board with medical training. Two nurse type ladies came to the rescue. One of the stewardesses used the radio telephone to call somewhere for medical information. He was stabilized and one of the stewardesses sat with him for the remainder of the trip. In the end it appeared that the guy had just passed out/fainted. Once we landed the plane quickly went to the gate and everyone was asked to stay in their seats until the guy with the medical problem could leave. He was able to get up and walk out by himself…. I was watching season 1 of “Six Feet Under” on my iPhone when the medical emergency happened.. so I was thinking that the worst would happen……

I really did not want to get out of bed this morning at 6:30am and go to work, but I reluctantly did. Sleeping in my own bed felt really good and I slept like a log… Work was work… nothing exciting. Several people asked me if I was now a “Quickr Expert” and I was like “absolutely… yes I am… I can handle all of your Quickr issues now with ease…” trying to be as much of a smart ass to them as they were to me… it was fun…. I did not have any big issues or fires to put out today – so it was pretty much a non-event being back in the office. I think being online and in contact all week helped to take care of small issues before they escalated and people panicked.


It's a bit hot out...

The weather in PA remained overcast on my last day there, but it did not rain and was not nearly as hot and humid as Texas. Here’s a picture I took of my car thermostat when I left work this evening showing a temperature of 109 ° :

Last night John was commenting about how there were lots of new arrivals in the park over the last two days and then on the way to work I heard that American Idol auditions were being held at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium here in Arlington – so my guess is that some of the influx was from Idol wanna’be’s parents who decided to bring their RV to the KOA for the night and then head over to auditions. It will be fun to watch the Dallas auditions this fall on TV knowing that we were close to it… and no… we did not try out to be the next American Idols – the age limit to audition is 28.. Perhaps I can get a job as a plushie at Six Flags in the 100+ temps… that would be fun…

Sunday it is expected to a little cooler outside – a high of only 98 ° … not exactly cooler in my book… I work in the air conditioning all day so I have no tolerance for humidity. John’s supervisors at work have been limiting mowing to just the mornings when it is a little bit cooler outside. John still goes through 2 or 3 shirts a day because they get completely soaked with sweat. His working conditions really suck – I feel sorry for him…. but he does look hot – all tan and sun kissed… woof! Maybe I can be sneaky and take his picture tomorrow before his middle finger sticks up ;)

This evening we went over to Jim and Garrets for supper. We had yummy cheese burgers with tots and baked beans – everything was yummy!! We when hung out chatting about this n that and also making plans for a side trip tomorrow. We are going to head over to the stockyards in Ft. Worth to check out some indoor touristy stuff…..

I’m off to bed… my eyes are tired and I’m still getting used to being back on central time….

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