Greetings from the DFW airport… We are at our terminal waiting to board in 90 minutes…. St. Louis here we come…..

Here is our big announcement: John quit his job at the KOA and we have moved to a different RV park that is closer to where I work. Last night we started to get ready for the move. John did the outside stuff like take the ham radio antennas down, remove the window shades, get this truck all connected for towing. I did inside stuff like cleaning house, making sure glassware and other other kitchen stuff is in a safe place and etc. It went like clockwork….


Back of the generator where the replacement belt needs to be installed..

This morning I went to work, like normal and John finished “breaking camp” and drove over to the new park and got setup. The trip to the new park was about 20 miles through crappy traffic. Our new site is smaller, but there is room to park both of our vehicles in front of the moho and there is enough room to the side of us for a small cement patio and picnic table. It should work out nicely. After getting setup John checked out the generator and discovered one of the belts on it broke and needed to be replaced. He obtained a replacement belt but is not quite able to get it installed. It is in an ackward place towards the back of the generator. He is calling around to find a RV tech to take a look at it….

With the high heat and a new RV park, we decided it was too risky to leave Prince by himself. I found a veterinary clinic that boards cats, so John went and dropped him off. John said that Prince was not happy at all from the moment he put him in his travel carrier and put him in the Subaru.. At the vet he needed to get his immunizations caught up and also a routine checkup will be performed. I think the last time he had a checkup was in Columbia, SC…. John said the vet was cute, so he did not resist many of his suggestions. Prince’s vet visit and boarding set us back around $180.000 …. I assume Prince will spend the weekend in a cage (“kitty jail”), but it should give him some quality alone time to think about how good he has it with us ;) He will probably give us some attitude when he gets picked up on Monday… oh well.. I would rather have a cranky pussy, then no pussy….

My day at work went by quickly…. I spent most of the day researching why an application was getting duplicate request numbers. The request numbers should be unique because they are created by a process that doles them out one at a time… I’m finding the process is broken and the help desk is assigning numbers manually.. that seems to be the only scenario that makes sense….

The trip home from work to the new RV park in Carrollton, TX at 3:00pm took me less then 15 minutes. The tollways I take are all new and well maintained. I think the traffic will be busier closer to 5:00pm, but it will still be a huge improvement over the hour long trip to Arlington. It is close enough that I could go home during my lunch break, if I ever need to….

John is watching You Tube videos of cats and kittens doing all sorts of funny stuff while we are waiting… Once I get this posting done I will watch another episode of season two Six Feet Under…

Our flight is around 90 minutes long – should not be too bad… hope we don’t get seated in the crying baby section…. ;)

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