Greetings from a slightly cooler Arlington, TX. Today it is only 95 ° outside – instead of the normal 105 + ° ‘s…

The slightly cooler weather is helping the air conditioner keep up a bit better. Right now the moho is 80 ° inside – feels cooler then normal. Part of the heat was from me fixing supper – temp was 75 ° before I started – so with supper done and the sun starting to set, the interior will continue to cool down….

John is helping some neighbors install two new roof mounted air conditioners – one in each of two identical 5th wheels. John came in for a quick supper (whole wheat chicken tortellini with red pasta sauce), reported that he had the first unit installed and went back to install the second one. I assume he will get paid something for the installation….

I’m very sad about the news of Scott’s dog Molly’s fatal attack. Scott wrote about it in his blog posting today. It makes me angry and sick that the irresponsible actions of others cost Molly her life and Scott so much sadness. It is a miracle that Scott did not get attacked himself….. I will always remember Molly prancing around in one of her designer outfits when the weather was cool out…. such the little princess….


Some days you just need to let it all hang out and cool off....

We are starting to make plans for the trip to St. Louis this weekend. I’m not taking any chances with Prince while we are gone – calling around to find a pet hotel for him to stay at. He would probably be fine in the MoHo – but I would be worried that the air conditioner would break down or that the electricity would go off… I found a few places online that I will tomorrow and try to make arrangements. I’m sure he would be much happier staying by himself at home, but he will be better off elsewhere for the weekend…. Here’s a picture I snapped with iPhone of Prince sprawled out on the couch trying to cool off last weekend:

Work was work. I spent most of the day creating a PowerPoint presentation for a online Quickr training session I’m giving this Wednesday. I then created a Quickr place with content that goes along with it. The training session needs to last for an hour – so it is a bit tricky to get the amount of content “just right” – not so much that I can’t get through it all, and not too little that the trainees don’t feel like they learned enough…. For lunch I went to Sweet Tomatoes with three other coworkers. I thought the food was a bit expensive at $11.95, but most of it was fresh and tasty. The vegetable soup I had was nothing special – way too salty and overcooked, but my salad and the ice cream was yummy….

Tonight I’m working on a bug that was found in the side project I worked on a few weeks back. One of the forms is not totalling the rows and columns properly – should be easy to track down and fix….

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