Howdy, from Arlington, TX….

The lower temps are a thing of the past with temps over 100° for the few days…. It’s not even a dry heat…. :( I’m looking forward to the lower temps in St. Louis this weekend – forecast is for temps in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s – but with a possibility of rain…

Work continues to be interesting… I spent most of my time today doing everything except programming. My Quickr training session was today (it went fine), followed by several meetings. The large project I’m working on is taking on a life of it’s own. I’m asking the business owners of the project to split the large project into several smaller projects that can be implemented in phases… The project has lots of people involved with different part of it so it makes since to “divide and conquer”….. I think they are going for it…

John worked the afternoon shift from noon until 8:00pm… I wanted to laundry done, so I decided to stop and pick up something for supper. I didn’t feel like any of the various fast food offerings in the area – so decided to stop at Luby’s. I dined in and then had John’s meal prepared to go. I had baked chicken, baked potato and mac n cheese. John had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mac n cheese. Then as a special treat, I picked out a large slice of cheese cake for John – in hopes that he would give me a “special treat” in return ;) . John was tired and hungry when he got home – so he seemed happy with supper…

Like I mentioned I did laundry again tonight in preparation for our trip this weekend and also for our “special announcement”. The laundry experience was pleasant at first until two white trash girls arrived with their holy terror children. Most children in the park are cute, well behaved and considerate of others…. not these… They proceeded to run around the laundry room screaming, fighting, knocking over the garbage can, ironing board and tossing books from the book exchange bookcase onto the ground… While this was going on around me, I was watching the first episode of season 2 of Six Feet Under on my computer. My favorite character in the show is Nate Fisher – who is played by Peter Krause. He is quite easy on the eyes:

Peter Krause

I was really glad when the clothes were dry enough to fold and get out of there…

Not much else going on… John is helping Prince hunt down a fly… it is funny to watch because Prince attempts to a brave hunter, but ends up being kinda timid…. He finally caught a fly with his two front paws.. he seemed surprised that he actually did it…. so much excitement here in Texas….

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