Greetings from Texas…..

As planned, I got laundry done – all six loads – all at once…. one of the perks of being in the RV park. The laundry room was extra skankie – it rained this morning and there was lots of bugs out. Here’s an iPhone video I took of an extra plump bug scampering across the laundry room floor:


Today is 8/1/2009 - so once again sign is of little use...

There was also a new sign posted:


Pat has that sleazy 80's televangelist look about him...

This time the sign is not in a plastic protector, but is still up long after it is needed…. kinda par for the course around here…. The pile of Jesus stuff is getting smaller, but no one has snatched up the Pat Robertson LP:

I was happy to have laundry done, the bed made and everything folded and put away… job well done. We then went for a mid-day lunch to a local Cheddar’s restaurant. They have a buffalo chick wrap that I really like – they add dill pickle to the wrap that works well with the buffalo sauce… yummy. The atmosphere really sucked – the music they were playing was really loud and you could hear other tables yelling at each other to be heard… it was not much fun…. I’ve gone here several times for lunch with coworkers and it was fine then – just not so good on weekends is my guess…

Then we stopped at Kohl’s so I could look for some work clothes that I need – nothing too exciting. The check out experience took forever because someone though they had three “Kohl’s cash” certificates, but only had two and the cashier messed up the transaction in the computer and had to wait for a manager to come over, clear everything out so she could rescan everything again…. so much fun….. but I did $10.00 in Kohl’s cash….

John is having lots of fun with the Fable II video game – he has played it most of the day…. He has a new husband in the game now.. his first husband divorced him because he was away too long and did not pay any attention to him… serves him right… His new husband is a stuffy Aristocrat who has lots of funny, snobby comments…. It is amazing to see how much detail there is in the game…. John told me about one of the side quests where he had to help get a farmer’s son a date… He found out that the son did not want to date any women – only men…. kinda funny in a video game….

So tomorrow I travel to Temecula, CA. Boarding time is 11:55 am – so I’m sure John will want to get me to the airport by 9:55am so he can slow down, shove me out the door and speed off in his hot diesel Jeep…. ;) I think John is planning to have a non-stop party with all of his RV park friends in my absence … I will probably come home to find the MoHo trashed and John passed out nude on the couch with Prince laying on this tummy….

Flying somewhere I’ve not been before, getting a rental car I’ve never driven before and making it to my hotel is not my favorite thing to do… I much prefer to have John along to drive me and worry about all of that ;) I will take the GPS along – so should make things easier…


Hello Kitty T-Shirt I ordered...

I purchased a Hello Kitty tshirt on Ebay. It is amazing that they had one in a men’s size XXL. The only bad thing is that the vendor send me an email letting me know that it will take 7 to 20 business days to receive it… guess Hello Kitty is coming on the slow boat from China….

Not much else going on… going to watch a few episodes from the Mad Men Season 2 DVD I received from NetFlix…. I will worry about packing in the morning – should not take me very long (famous last words?)….

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