Greetings from the home of Summerfest – the world’s largest music festival…

Summerfest starts today and goes until July 4th. We will probably go down and check it out over the weekend or one of the evenings next week… Summerfest is not exactly “my thing”, but it is fun to do once in a while. I’m not a big fan of spending hours in crowds with loud music all around…. I usually like to find one of the smaller stages with a lesser know band and sit and enjoy them and people watch… Wandering around, pushing my way through crowds… not so much for me….

Greekfest is also going on this weekend here at the State Fair Park… Coworkers said that the food at it is really good – they are known for their roasted chicken…. sounds good to me…. It has free admission and I can just walk over to it…. sounds good to me…

On Wednesday morning we woke up at 4:00am to still another storm… lots of wind and rain… could really hear the ham radio antenna getting whipped around…. When I got up for work at 6:00am, the storm was over.. just some rain… Hope that is the last storm we get for awhile, but the forcast does not look good for the weekend :(

John’s schedule has been adjusted – he goes in sometime mid-morning and then comes home around 8:00pm…. It is still a long work day, but at least it is not as bad as it was…. John has the July 4th weekend off… So he asked me to plan a trip for us to go on….. The first idea I came up with was to head up to Laona, WI and ride on the Lumberjack Steam Train. John vetoed that plan – he said the four hour drive way was too far for a weekend trip…. I don’t exactly agree… but he’s the driver of the MoHo…

The next idea I came up with was to spend the weekend in Oshkosh, WI so we could check out the EAA AirVenture museum since I have never seen it. I found a campground that is right on Lake Winnebago called Kalbus Country Harbor – so maybe John’s Dad and Betsy could take their boat across the lake to see us… John liked the idea (small miracle) so I called and was able to make a reservation. Was only able to get a site with electricity and water, but no sewer… They do have a honey wagon and can pump out our tanks if needed… Since this is a weekend trip – it’s no big deal…. John can take shorter showers :) The best part is the I will probably be able to have a campfire.. Yeah!!! I’m hoping for good weather… Plan right now is to come home on Sunday so John can get to work on Monday – but he is checking to see if he can have Monday off, or at least come in around noon – we can easily drive from Oshkosh to Milwaukee and get him to work by then… will see… I would like to see fireworks on the 4th, instead of driving home…..

Not much else going on….. The RV park here in Milwaukee is getting extra busy with people coming into town for the festivals. We now have people on both side of us… but it is no big deal because there’s room on both sides of the MoHo – so we don’t feel packed in here…. Biggest change is the amount of traffic, people walking around, taxi’s and general commotion going on around us…. So far it’s no big deal… just a change….

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