Greetings from a nice evening in West Allis, WI…

The temps have been in the lower 80′s during the day and the upper 60′s in the evening. The evenings cool down enough that the air conditioner turns off for the evening around 9:00pm. The basement air conditioning unit in the moho is located under my side of the bed – so it is nice having it not running… But when it is noisy outside, I like the white noise the AC provides…

I’m waiting for John to come home from work – he said that he was going to be able to come home at 7:00pm, but it is already past 7:30pm. No big deal – he’s on my “shit list” at the moment… On Saturday evening he gave Prince a bath and used one of our bath towels to dry him off. After Prince had enough of being dried, John hung the towel back up on the shower enclosure. Then on Sunday morning I took my morning shower like normal, and then proceeded to dry off with a towel full of cat hair… I had kitty fluff all over me… was not amused… Had to hop back in the shower to get the fur off.. and by this time there was not much hot water left… Bad John!!

John worked all day on Sunday – so made sure he knew about the situation when I brought him his lunch…. It gave him a good laugh…

Not much else going on… The State Fair starts a week from this coming Thursday. There’s some workers who have started setting up the midway – look like larger roller coaster type rides going up. There’s also signs and tents going up. The RV park is not too busy this evening, but I’ve noticed that there’s more people outside lately… probably because of the nicer weather.

Work is going fine. I’m still working on adding a nice web interface to an existing document library. Should have it finished sometime tomorrow…

John just pulled in the RV park – time to greet him at the front door with cheese/crackers and a glass of iced tea…..

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