Happy 4th of July!

The wifi at the campground is not working today – so doing posting by typing it on my laptop, then adding it to a note a syncing it with my iPhone. The iPhone is getting good reception – so been doing my web surfing on it..

The weather today is very windy with some clouds. This evening we will probably be getting a thunderstorm with up to 1/2″ of rain because of a “system” that is moving into the area. I picked up everything outside in anticipation of the rain. Would like to have another campfire this evening to burn up the remaining fire wood, but probably will not be able to :(

John finished one of the projects he has been wanting to get around to for some time – replacing the glide hardware on thee of the drawers in the kitchen and several in the bedroom in the built-in nightstands. We went into Oshkosh to a Menard’s, but they did not have all the hardware John needed, so we went to a Lowe’s next door. Lowe’s had all of the hardware, so John purchased $130.00 dollars worth…

One the way out of Oshkosh we noticed there was a Staples store. We have a $145.00 gift certificate for Staples that came from the warranty on John’s old chair. There was not Staples stores in the St. Louis, MO area, so they sent us the gift certificate to make up for no stores to go and pick up a replacement chair. He’ve had the certificate for 6 months, but have not been anywhere there is a Staples store, and we were not able to use the certificate online… So John got to go shopping for $145.00 worth of stuff… Picked up two double packages of printer cartridges, some printer paper, a home iPod charger and a few little things… The total came to $146.11, so we did not do too bad – only $1.11 over….

When we made it home, John got all of the necessary tools out and then proceeded to take the problem doors our and had me empty their contents into boxes. The MoHo was a complete mess while this was going on… had the old hardware and screws in piles along with the plastic bags the new hardware came in. John then decided it would be nice to have door catches for the drawers to help keep them from opening up when the Moho is on the road – so he sent me back to Lowe’s for six of them. It was a good thing that we only needed six, because that is exactly how many Lowe’s had.

The new rails consisted of two parts on each side of the drawer – rails that are screwed into the cabinet and then the glide that is attached to the bottom sides of each drawer. John had to be an contortionist to get in position to get the new rails in place, but he managed. The most difficult was the bedroom because there is not much room to work on each side of the bed – probably 18 inches at most…. Now it is all done, the drawers work great and I have everything put back in place. Just got done hauling a contractor bag with all the old hardware in it to the garbage place at the campground….

Yesterday it was windy, but not nearly as bad as it is now… We spent Saturday morning at the EAA Airventure Museum and it was really cool. They had lots of restored places that are quite rare and exotic. I was impressed at the condition of all the planes – they were in like new condition. I took lots of pictures, will post a few in a future blog posting when we get back to Milwaukee and have internet connection again. My favorite was a vintage AeroCar – a little yellow car that converted into an airplane with wings added to the sides and a tail added to the back with a propeller at then end. They had videos of the car actually taking off, landing and being converted from an airplane to a car that drove away…

After checking out all of the inside stuff, we took a tram to their “Pioneer Airport”. It was a recreation of an airport from the 1930’s – with lots of planes that were still taken out and flown. They even had a replica of Charles Lindberg’s “Spirit of St. Louis” plane that they took out for special occasions. They also give rides in some of the vintage airplanes. It was too windy for any of the bi-planes, but they had a more modern small plane that was going up. We watched it for a bit, but did not go up…. Besides all of the airplanes, they had some vintage radios, tele-type machines and general old crap around that was fun to look at. We ended up spending 3.5 hours there – was well worth the $12.50 admission price..

After EAA, we grabbed a bite to eat at Fazolli’s – was not as good as I remembered and it was kinda run down… but we were hungry and it was close… After eating lunch, we then headed over to the Oshkosh Outlet mall. When I’m in the area I like to stop in and check it out – but there is only a few stores I really like – Tommy Hilfiger, Bass and L.L.Bean. We picked up some jeans for John at Tommy’s and then some fu fu stuff from Harry and David’s. Nothing too exciting..

We then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at the campground. I finally got to have a campfire that I enjoyed for 5 hours along with listening to some of the newer 8-tracks I’ve picked up in the past months. Finally listened to “Elvis Live From Hawaii via Satellite” – it was really good, but odd listening to Elvis doing covers of Beatles songs… The wind kept blowing smoke into the motorhome and it made John all nervous – so he spent most of the evening inside. For supper I grilled some chicken breasts on the grill and John prepared a wild mushroom risotto from a mix we purchased at Harry and David’s. Supper ended up being really good…. everything turned out very tasty…. Even the screw top, tropical island, monkey piss Chardany John purchased. Drinking it reminded of camping with Bernie ;) But we did polish off the bottle with no problem….

Plan for tomorrow is to leave my mid-morning, purchase some diesel fuel on way home and get setup early afternoon in Milwaukee. John’s thinking about stopping by where he works and weighing the motor home on their scale. We are not sure were we are going to stop and get fuel for the Moho – not any gas stations close to the RV Park in Milwaukee that has room for the RV… So will probably drive down to the south side and fuel up at a Pilot station there…

Not much else going on… Just doing stuff inside and keeping an eye on the weather. If the wind dies down this evening will have a campfire, but not having high hopes…

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