Greetings from West Allis, WI…

Quick posting tonight… just got back from watching the Despicable Me movie and it is almost my bed time…

I liked the movie – had some really funny moments and disco music. The computer animation and 3d effects were amazing. I saw John giggle his way through the movie, but he is not admitting to liking it – said he was glad we did not pay to see it…. I was surprised how Hello Kitty meets Barbie meets Hunchback of Notre-Dame the movie ended up being – but I like that…. The iPhone app that goes along with the credits at the end of the movie was really funny… Not going to spoil the movie and talk about the plot…. Now I want to get a pink space suit…. ;)

My work day was fine – did a short presentation of jQuery to group of developers – it turned out fine…. Once I figured out where “Conference Room L” was. I found K, M & N, but no L… coworker came and found me….. jQuery is a script library that acts as an extension to JavaScript. I really like using it – and I received an ok to use it on one of my projects, just as long as I did the short presentation so the other developers know what I’m doing….

John had a long work day – he left the MoHo at 6:30am for early meeting, then drove down to the Chicago area, then back to Milwaukee… Good thing I came up with the movie tickets… he left a bit early to see it with me… I told him my “other boyfriend” would be disappointed (don’t really have one… but it sounded good…)…

Some good news came today for GLBT right – some parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) have been declared unconstitutional by United States district court judge Joseph Louis Tauro. President Barack Obama is currently reviewing the decision and has not yet decided whether to appeal the decision. I’m no expert on DOMA, but the best concise write up about it I found is on Wikipedia: Deference of Marriage Act. This could potentially be very good news for gay marriage and GLBT right… but I’m not exactly sure how it will play out with individual states having their own state constitutional amendments defining marriage and etc… It will be interesting to follow the news coverage on this….

Not much else going on – I’m heading to bed… my eyes are tried and Prince just told me that he is ready to cuddle up with us….

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