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Greetings from a nice fall day in West Allis, WI – or as the locals call it “Stallis”… It’s a bit cool out, but nice and sunny with just a light breeze.  The big wind storm has passed through the … Continue reading



Greetings from a windy Milwaukee…. Going to be quick posting tonight – just got home from work at 9:30pm and my eyes are sore.  Can’t understand why… was just sitting in front of a computer monitor all day 🙂 As … Continue reading

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Greetings from a nice fall evening in Wisconsin. The nice weather is not going to last because a nasty wind storm is coming this way.  The local paper says tonight the wind is going to increase to a consistent 40 … Continue reading



Greetings from a cool dark evening at the State Fair RV Park… I’ve installed a different plug-in for the “Contact Us” page.  This one appears to actually work.  Try it out so we know for sure…. Yesterday I ended up … Continue reading

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Hi all John Here… Not a whole lot going on–  Derek is working late tonight.  I think he is tring to give me a taste of living with me, finally get off early a night, and no Derek here to … Continue reading

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Greetings from a cold fall evening at the State Fair RV Park. Seems like each day the RV park is getting a little emptier. There’s probably 20 RV in the park, but with them being all spread out, it seems … Continue reading



Greetings from a dark, overcast and cool evening in West Allis, WI… My knee is still really sore. The gout medicine is helping, but still really hurts when I bend it. Feels like there’s shards of glass tearing my knee … Continue reading

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Quick blog posting tonight. Just got back from the Aurora Quick Care Walk-in Clinic. My left knee is still really hurting when I bend it, so decided to have a doctor look at it. The nurse practitioner and the doctor … Continue reading



Greetings from another sunny fall day in Milwaukee… Just got back from Washington, DC. On Friday John called me at work and explained to me that he needed to return to the DC area on Sunday. He asked if I … Continue reading



Greetings from another decadently warm day in the great state of Wisconsin.. Again the temps got into the upper 70s’ today and the weekend will be much of the same. My work day actually went by quickly. Went to lunch … Continue reading