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It’s another rainy overcast day in Portland, OR. My first day of work went well. The work computer I brought along from Milwaukee connected to the network here with no problems. Only issue I have is that it is still … Continue reading



Greetings from Portland! We are still getting used to the time change.  Last night I fell asleep at 8:30am and this morning John got up at 4:00am, and I was up by 5:00am.  Tonight I’m going to force myself to … Continue reading

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11/27/10 #4

We’re all setup now.  John spent a few hours working on installing the new water filtration system that we purchased yesterday at Lowe’s.  We then worked together to wash the motor home – it was filthy with road grime and … Continue reading


11/27/10 #3

We’ve made it. We’re getting setup and etc. Will post more when we get out of “Travel Mode”.


11/27/10 #2

We are making slow by steady progress on the snow packed road. We are st mile maker 132 on i84. It is lightly snowing and the road is a sloppy mess. John has been going slow but confidently up and … Continue reading

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11/27/10 #1

Good morning from Oregon. We made it back on the road by 7:15am. We are not used to time change yet – going to bed early and getting up early… John filled the diesel tanks and the propane tanks before … Continue reading

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11/26/10 #5

We’ve stopped for the evening in Pendleton, OR. After we left Boise, Idaho we had pretty good driving until night fall.  When we got into the mountains in Oregon and it started to snow and the wind picked up.  Driving … Continue reading

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11/26/10 #4

Greetings from Boise Idaho. We stopped at Camping World at exit 44 for a chance to get up and walk a bit. John noticed water coming from the exterior of the water bay – not good. He found the water … Continue reading

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11/26/10 #3

We are in Idaho now. There’s more snow here and the roads a bit snow covered in spots. Not too bad, but noticeable. Temps are in the mid 20’s and our cold water lines are still frozen. We hope the … Continue reading

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11/26/10 #2

We are making good time so far today. We are now on 84 west – it has lots of twists and turns but the road is dry and the wind is low. The scenery continues to be very rugged and … Continue reading

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