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Greetings from a windy overcast day in Portland… The weather has been cooler the last few days – highs in the upper 40’s. It is still not too bad, but I notice that the heat pump is running more often. … Continue reading

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Greetings from another warm day in Oregon. Another day of no rain and temps in the lower 50’s. It is not going to last – going to rain over the weekend, and then clear off again on Monday. Typical…. Woke … Continue reading



Greetings from a warm Portland… Temps got into the upper 50’s today – the local news says the temps approached the all time high of 56 °. Best of all – No Rain! Woke up with a splitting sinus headache … Continue reading

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Greetings from another nice day in Oregon… The weather has been quite decent this week – not much rain and highs in the lower 50’s… Nothing to complain about this time of the year. I really think the worst of … Continue reading

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Greetings from another unseasonably warm day in Portland… Another day with no rain and some sunshine. Ended up being a little bit more overcast in the afternoon, but not complaining. We did our ‘normal Sunday routine’. First went to Sweet … Continue reading



Greetings from a relatively warm and sunny day in Oregon… As planned we headed over to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.  The museum is in McMinnville, OR  – 45 miles west of Portland.  The trip took us about 90 … Continue reading



Greetings from Oregon… Made it through another work week.  Ended up working late the last two nights to perform a “software conversion”.  The conversion itself does not take very long, but manually copying 48,000 documents takes forever….  Wanted to get … Continue reading

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Greetings from another rainy day in Portland… I had yesterday off of work. Started the day by making pancakes for breakfast – something we don’t do very often. We got the electric grill out and they turned out good. We … Continue reading



Greetings from Portland…. Yep – it’s still raining… Yesterday we decided to head out and explore the area west of Portland, OR. It was pouring down rain, but we decided to head out anyway. Our main goal was to see … Continue reading



Greetings from a warm, but overcast day in Oregon. It was in the mid-50’s today – was able to just wear light jacket to work. The warmer weather makes the campground extra muddy – you know it quickly when you … Continue reading

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