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Greetings from a warm but overcast day in Oregon… Temps got into the lower 60’s today but sun was not out much – contines to be cloudy and rain off and on. Quick posting tonight… it’s getting late and I … Continue reading



Greetings from another drab damp day in Portland… Today was supposed to be our big break from the rain with a high of 65.. instead it was damp and overcast….. was not happy… My work day was very busy… trying … Continue reading

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Greetings from a cool, wet and rainy Oregon…. Just got done watching the local news on TV – they were talking about what a crappy spring the area has been having.  The weather has broken several rainfall and low temperature … Continue reading



Greetings from a rainy then sunny, then rainy Portland, OR…. We are winding down after a nice weekend.  Just got back from a quick supper from Burgerville – a local fast food restaurant.  They have around 80 locations located within … Continue reading

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Hello all, John here. Portland, still wet, but not all day.  Derek went for a little bike ride around the park after we went to dinner.  Some Chinese place in Troutdale, food was good, but the waitress had all the … Continue reading

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Guess what?  The sun is actually out…. Yeah!!! The day started out rainy and overcast, but kept getting gradually better…  then by 4:00pm it was nice and sunny… for a nice change. My work day went by quickly – was … Continue reading



Guess what?  Yep…. it’s raining…. The weather has been warmer the two days – highs in the upper 50’s, but still getting lot of rain.  On Sunday was not able to do much outside because of it being wet out. … Continue reading



Hi All John here. Still in Portland, Still Raining.  Well, most of the day was pretty nice, started raining again this afternoon. Today, we went to Shari’s for our normal Saturday AM breakfast.  Our usual server saw us walking in … Continue reading



Guess what? Yep – still raining… and raining… and raining some more…. We are definitely going through another wet cycle in the weather – has been raining for the last 6 days. It’s getting really old listening to the rain … Continue reading

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Greetings from another damp day in Portland… Cycle of rain then sun, then rain every few hours continues.  Was able to ride my bike for 30 minutes on Friday evening between rain cycles.  Around and around the park I went. … Continue reading