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Greetings from the Portland Fairview RV park. Been having a busy week at work.  Have three projects that are estimated to take 600 hours that I need to get started on.  Trying to get two smaller projects completed before I … Continue reading

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Greetings from Portland… The weather over the weekend was great – sunny and warm, but the last few days has been back to being overcast, cool and damp.  The forcast is calling for things to improve for the weekend. Just … Continue reading

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Hello all, John here. Wow, another super nice day in Portland, OR!  About 62, sunny, couldn’t get much better…  Yes I do like it slightly cool out. Derek is off bike riding with Tom (the Park Activity guy).  I have … Continue reading



Greetings from a warm overcast Portland…. The weather has been warm, slightly humid, not raining but with lots of clouds.  We might get some rain this evening…. Just came back from helping with the food bank garden at work.  The … Continue reading

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I’m a dirty boy… Spent four hours working with other volunteers putting in the garden at work.  Tonight we had a dozen people working on two main projects – building rows of compost to plant in and building a chicken … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day! Gave my Dad a call this evening.  They are busy gardening and are in the middle of “Strawberry Season”.  They hand pick the strawberries and can sell all they can pick.  Each year they could easily take … Continue reading



Greetings from a cool but nice evening in Oregon. The past few days the weather has been overcast during most of the day but clears off towards sunset.  Not complaining because I can sit outside and enjoy the sun for … Continue reading



Greetings from the Portland Fairview RV park… The weather has been very overcast this week but relatively dry.  It keeps looking like it could rain any minute now, but it does not.  At least the temps have been getting into … Continue reading



Greetings from a warm day in Portland… We just returned from our weekend trip to Seaside, OR to attend the SEA PAC ham radio convention.  The weather over the weekend has been wonderful – sunny skies, highs in the upper … Continue reading

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Greetings from a overcast drizzly day in Oregon… Not much sun the past two days – lots of clouds and light misty rain.  Looking forwards to having some sunny weather again.  Don’t think I’ve ever craved being out in the … Continue reading

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