Greetings from the glorious state of Oregon…

The rain has finally stopped again. Most of the day was a little overcast but still nice.

Work has been hectic this week, but things are going as planned.  Getting projects done in the amount of time I thought they would take and things are going as planned.  Received a nice compliment today about one of my projects.  Re-did the “look and feel” of it to be less “Miami Vice goes to the circus” to a more modern consistent look.

The food bank garden at work is doing well – everything is growing like crazy.  Spent some time Monday night staking tomato plants and securing the foilage to them.  Then went and added more ties to plants that were staked last week.  Most of the plants have green tomatoes on them about the size of a small plum.  It’s good to see progress.

One of the volunteers purchased 24 avocado plants for $1.00 each that he planted last night.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen what a fully grown avocado plant looks like – so will be fun to see their progress.  Today a coworker donated several Ultimato cages that I installed tonight.  Like how tall they are, but not sure how well they will stay together.  Time will tell….

Apple’s upgrade operating system OS X Lion became available today.  It took John 8 hours to download the installation file for it – longer then expected.  My guess is that Apple’s servers got slammed by thousands of users wanting the upgrade on the first day.  Looking forward to checking it out once it gets installed..

When you work for a large corporation, like I do, you get used to having a large IT deparment behind you to take care of details like networking, supplying virus-free software and letting you know what you are allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do.  Having Apple computers/iPhones/iPads and etc is kinda like that.  Apple has a “curated environment” where they supply virus-free software and let you know what you are allowed to do and not…  Some people like this, some don’t….  I can make arguments one way or another.  What we like is that our computers “just work” and don’t get many viruses.  On some level it is like Apple is taking care of us…  warm fuzzies…

Need to get going… the upgrade process needs to restart my computer to continue…

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2 Responses to 7/20/11

  1. I think MAC doesn’t have too many viruses because there aren’t as many being written for them.

  2. Sandie says:

    Not a Mac user but the people I know who use them wouldn’t have anything else. I’m just too old to try and learn a new computer system. I’m still using Vista. Sounds like the garden is growing really well. I know I’ve never seen a grown up avocado plant. And isn’t it wonderful when somebody appreciates all the work you’ve been doing on a project. Way to go.

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