Hello all, John here.

Ok, the Portlandians have been somewhat correct, the weather here has gotten much better, and the last few days have been just perfect.  Well, yesterday got a bit warm, had to turn on the A/C in the afternoon.  If I would have gotten the awnings out sooner I might have been able to avoid that.  Today it was overcast most of the day, but has cleared off now.  Glad we stuck out the summer here, it really has been super nice, and all the green is sorta cool.

So, Derek is off Ice Skating, so I will take the opportunity to tell you all this before he jumps in to make fun of me.  I have been having rather chronic headaches lately, well, it has been going on for some time, but really started getting bad since I started school again.  Derek has been harping that my vision is most likely to blame because of the massive increase in computer time and reading.  Today I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor…  Ugh.  Now I really haven’t had a “Full” eye exam for close to 20 years, as my vision is checked every DOT recert, and never had a problem getting my recert card, so I really haven’t thought twice about it as I see fine, at least I thought I did…  So, turns out my eyes are healthy, but I have developed a slight astigmatism.  The way the Dr. explained it is that I have probably always been slightly “far sighted” however, since I am getting older, I no longer have the “focal range” to compensate for that.  She also explained that the headaches certainly could have been caused by the condition and went on about my brain compensating for two slightly out of focus images, etc.  She had a much longer explanation of all the numbers and adjustments that I can’t recall, but the bottom line is, I need glasses.  Ugh.  So I ordered them, and they will be in in a week or so.  Really didn’t want to spend that particular $233.00, but it is a good thing to get it corrected…  She made up a sample pair in the office, and truly, even with the very mild correction the difference in reading was astounding.  She also explained that the double images and “halo” effect at night will be greatly reduced.  Regardless I am not thrilled, as I have always been sort of proud of the fact that my eyes were one part of me I particularly liked, and were rather flawless…  On my first DOT physical the Dr. commented on how rare it was to see someone with better than 20/10 vision, bah blah blah…  Ugh.


This afternoon a close friend called, and sorta snapped me out of my pity party.  He commented on that I should feel lucky to live in a place where I can not only have a diagnoses in less than a couple hours, but have an available solution that is pretty non-evasive and common at the ready.  He is very correct, and that I am thankful for.  Even still, I am not looking forward to this getting old stuff!

Well, the first week of school has been a little overwhelming, but I think I am getting on top of it.  The Statistics class will take a lot of work, and will be a slow progression.  I try to break it up over the week, where the last few sessions I was able to hurry up and get the work done, and just concentrate on the discussion threads.  This term I will have to be a little more rigid and stick to my study plan, and so some each day.  The good thing is that in both classes I have two very engaged and accessible professors.  Not only does this make the class go by quicker, and we have some fun, but I tend to learn more.  Last session, was  struggle just because of that.

I don’t remember if I reported it here or not, but I did make the Dean’s List last semester, so I am pretty pumped about that.  First time ever, with a straight 4.0 over the last 15 credits.  Hopefully I can maintain that, as one of my goals, lofty as it seems, is to graduate with at least honors, though I would really like to see “Summa Cum Lauda” on my diploma.  After my first semester at DeVry, I have to say I still am happy with my choice overall.  There are some things I do not like, such as the high tuition, and the shitty reader software they force on us, and the “blind” exams.  I have complained to the first tier, and ting to push my voice high enough to be heard, but sometimes it is just not worth the effort.  We will see what comes of it, as sometimes part of going to school is learning to deal with the administration and just fit in well enough to get through…  Of course that attitude has never sat well with me, so we will see…

Well, that is all I have.  Back to the books for me!



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  1. Congrats…. 4 eyes. There, I said it.

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