Greetings from a resplendent day in Iowa…

Went on my bike ride earlier today.  Was nice and sunny without much wind.  Lots more people on the trail then yesterday.  My bike has started to jump gears now and then.  Need to get it into a repair show for a tune up.

Prince is in “healing mode” recovering from his dental work yesterday.  The doctor sent me home with four doses of “antibiotics”.  Read the label and it is actually Buphrenorphine a pain killer. Prince gets a dose in the morning and each evening for one more day. Makes me wonder why the Vet described them as antibiotics instead of pain killers?  So I don’t use them myself?  He goes loopy when he gets it… running around, banging his head against the wall, twitching his tail erratically and then eventually zones out… Will be glad when he gets off the meds and back to normal again..

On Monday we received some bad news from one of the tenants – their air conditioner was not working. Said they had lots of trouble with it last year with the past owners calling the repair guys several times. Not good.. Each apartment has their own air central air system with their own external compressor units. John called the local air conditioning company listed on a sticker on the compressor. They come out on Tuesday and said the compressor was fried. They said they were called several times last year and told the old owners it needed to be replaced because it was 30 years old and shot. They kept limping it along…. The new air conditioning unit uses a different type of refrigerant and as a result the copper lines to the furnace/ac unit in the apartment would need to be replace. He came up with an estimate of around $2,700 after contacting the manufacturer….


AC unit on the right is the 30 year old one that needs replaced

John then called another air conditioning company to get a second estimate. They came up with a slightly lower estimate and John liked dealing with them better. The first guy was kind of an arrogant jag…. The second air conditioning company was much more friendly and can get the unit installed this Friday… So we went with them. It will be interesting to see how the run the new copper line because the old line is run under the floor of the apartment. It really sucks having to suddenly spend $2500 on the new AC, but at least it will fix the problem long term…..

Finally took some pictures of the flowers I put in place last week.  Have been watering them with some miracle grow this week.  Can tell they are slowly starting to grow…


Square flower box by the front door


Front flower bed


Close up of front flower bed..

IMG_3553.jpgNot much else going on.  John is listening to one of his weekly lectures for school.  Go going to leave him in the computer and watch TV for awhile….

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2 Responses to 4/9/12

  1. Mark says:

    Sorry to hear of the new air replacement but the price seems pretty reasonable. I assume that they will be using Puron vs. Freon? The new unit should be much more energy efficient.

    Take care,

  2. I too am sorry to hear about the a/c troubles. :-(

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