About Us

Derek2010.jpg Hello, my name is Derek and I am 43. I live with my partner John and Prince the cat in a small apartment building we own in West  Des Moines, IA.  We were full time RV’ers for six years with our 2001 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage 40J motor home. I program Lotus Notes/Domino applications and web sites for a major financial institution. My interests include geeky computer stuff, programming, going for bike rides, play Warcraft, working out, 8-tracks, ham radio, eating chicken, retro computing, watching reality tv and playing computer games.

John2010.jpg I am John. When I am not keeping “Team Derek” pointed in the right direction I am working for a small trucking/cartage company. While my official title is that of “Safety Director” I wear many hats varying from Safety, HR, Project Manager, to the guy who just gets things done. Even though between work and Derek I don’t have much time left to play, I do tend to have interests in Amateur Radio, Aviation, Diesel Engines, Green Tech, and lately everything Apple/Mac computer related, along with an obsessive passion for geeky technology.

We traveled with our cat (well, he likes me better), Prince, in our 40 foot Winnebago.   We decided to purchase a small apartment building as an investment.  Will be interesting to see how our lives change being landlords and property owners again.

Prince2010.jpg Meow!