11/26/10 #4

Greetings from Boise Idaho.

We stopped at Camping World at exit 44 for a chance to get up and walk a bit. John noticed water coming from the exterior of the water bay – not good.

He found the water intake diverter valve had cracked from the freezing conditions lady night. He open up a toolbox riffled through it and found replacement part fir it. Good!

Then he noticed that the water filter enclosure had also cracked and needed to be replaced. We stopped at a nearby Lowe’s and found a replacement one that he will replace when we get to Portland. I hope that is the extent of the damage from the cold weather..

John plans to disassemble the entire water bay to see why it is not being heated properly. It kept warmer in the past. He also hopes to determine which water pipe keeps freezing and insulate it better.

The drive has been fine. Coming into Idaho there was some drifting snow on the road and only one lane was clear in spots – but did not last long.

John wants to drive for 4 or 5 more hours tonight – wants to get to the warm side of the mountains yet tonight…

Will post again in a few hours….

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11/26/10 #3

We are in Idaho now. There’s more snow here and the roads a bit snow covered in spots. Not too bad, but noticeable.

Temps are in the mid 20’s and our cold water lines are still frozen. We hope the pipes have not been damaged when they thaw. John checked the solenoid that controls water to ice maker and it appears damaged. He closed valve to it as a precaution.

The front windshield wipers are not spraying fluid on front windows when button is pressed. Probably frozen as well. John stopped at a rest area and sprayed Windex on windows while I turned wipers on and off.

Starting to get a bit windy again – nothing like yesterday, but noticeable.

Will post again in few hours….

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11/26/10 #2

We are making good time so far today. We are now on 84 west – it has lots of twists and turns but the road is dry and the wind is low.

The scenery continues to be very rugged and pretty. Will attempt to upload pic to facebook.

Will post again in few hours.

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11/26/10 #1

Greetings from Wyoming!

We had a decent evening at Little America. We both enjoyed their turkey dinner special with pumpkin pie at their restaurant. Nice way to end s crappy day…

We made on the road by 7:30am. We are still having problems with the cold water pipes in MoHo. Still have hot water so was able to get freshened up at the sink.

We purchased 66 gallons of diesel fuel before hitting the road. Our average mileage yesterday was only 5.65 mpg – not good. Should be better today coming out of the mountains.

We plan on making it well into Oregon today. Not exactly sure where we will stop tonight – depends on the weather and John…. Will be going through Salt Lake City in a few hours.

Right now the view is quite rugged and pretty – just a dusting of snow on ground.

Will post again in few hours…

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11/25/10 #5

We made it to Little America, WY for the night. The drive here really sucked. The wind kept up all evening. Just when we thought it was starting to let up, it would come back just as strong. Gusts up to 60 mph+ :(

No more damage to the MoHo after we cut off the slide out awning. We still don’t gave cold water in the rv – so will probably need to shower at the truck stop in the morning. Yeah…

Heading out to the restaurant for supper. Hoping they have turkey on the menu… Also hoping for better weather tomorrow…

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10/25/10 #4

We are at milearker 249 and it is super windy out. We stopped and tie strapped down another window awning in the 60+ mph wind and clod. It is no joke out here.

The wind tore the slideout awning off – we had to pull over again to deal with that. Nothing we could do except get the box cutter out and cut the fabric off. Real treat while on a ladder in the elements…

We will be very very lucky if that is the only awning we loose.

We are hoping to be able to drive out of this wind, and make it to the Little America truck stop at exit 69, but not sure John will make it that long.

Will post again in few hours…

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11/25/10 #3

We have been sitting at at Pilot truck stop in Laramie, WY for the past four hours waiting for the wind to go down.  Between here and Rock Springs, WY there are wind gusts up to 60 mph.  Plan to head out of here in an hour or so when the wind is forecast to die down and make it to either Rawlins, WY or Rock Springs, WY yet tonight.


View of the truck stop outside the front window... Burrr....

Purchased 24 hours worth of WiFi for $4.95, so have been passing time surfing the web and checking what the weather is going to do ahead of us.  Wifi speed is decent, except cuts out each time a truck drives past.  Once we get past the Continental Divide, the weather and wind gets much better.

The RV is keeping us nice and warm, except my feet get cold.  John says it is because I’m old…   We’re not getting any cold water from the kitchen faucet when we turn the pump on, but we do get warm water.  So no big deal….

We should be heading back on the road in the next hour…

Will post again in a few hours…

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11/25/10 #2

We have made it past Cheyenne. The i80 road closures have been lifted. We are 20 miles from Laramie . It is extremely windy and very slow going up the hills. Wind gusts over 40 mph.

There is some snow on the ground and sine drifting. Will probably stop in Laramie to give John a break and decide if we should continue or wait for wind to subside.

Will post again in few hours…..

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We dumped gray water and topped off the fresh water tank before leaving the campground. Not much fun when it is 15 ° out and very windy.

We then added $150 dollars Ito top off the fuel tank at Sapp Brothers. Then had breakfast at Perkins.

We hit the road by 8:15am. Clear skies, cold and windy. Not in big hurry this morning because I-80 is currently closed in Cheyenne, WY. We are hoping it opens up in the 4 hours it takes us to get there. If not we will be stopping and waiting for it to open up like the truck drivers will….

John thinks today’s driving will be the worst we will encounter if we can get past Cheyenne…..

Will post again in few hours… If we have Internet access….

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11/24/10 #5

We made it to Sindey, NE like we wanted to and are all setup with 50 amp electrical hookup at Cabela’s.

The wind started to pick up during the last 75 miles and the temperature has been dropping. We are getting wind gusts up to 50 mph and it is down to 20° out… I’m hoping it calms down a bit before we leave in the morning. We don’t want to unhook the Jeep in the cold wind, so I made supper in the MoHo. Prepared some hot dog sized turkey sausages with sun dried tomatoes in a frying pan. Served them with hot dog buns and a side of tortilla chips… Not fancy, but was tasty and easy… Plus did not use much water washing dishes. Was hoping they would have water on here so we could top off the fresh water tank. We should be ok, but will need to take quick on-and-off shower in the morning..

The campground has free wifi – so John has been checking out the various weather websites to see what we are up against tomorrow. Looks like it is going to continue being windy, but no snow until we get to the Salt Lake City area. Not sure how far we will make it tomorrow – the windy conditions and mountainous terrain will probably slow us down. Fighting the wind takes alot out of John so we may have to stop more often to give him a break..

During the high winds today the satellite dish hardware on the ceiling kept making irritating noises. I can usually quiet it down by shoving business cards and old credit cards in it’s various openings – but today nothing seemed to help much. John just spent some time tightening up some connections in hope it will be better tomorrow.

Not sure how many blog postings I will be able to do tomorrow – will depend on if we have internet connection with the iPhones or not. I will try to type up the postings before we go through larger cities and then upload it as we go through. My theory is that the larger cities will probably have 3g or 4g internet enabled….

I’m going to read for a bit and get to bed a bit early. It’s only 8:10pm here – went through the first time zone change – but my eyes are getting tired. I’m sure John will want to get an early start in the morning….

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