Greetings from Iowa!

Today it rained for the first time since we’ve been here.  Was a nice slow drizzle that lasted most of the afternoon.  Just enough to keep the roads wet.

This morning the lawn guy showed up and spent 90 minutes getting the yard spruced up.  He had a large bagging lawn mower that made short work of the leaves.  He even took the leaves that we had bagged up on Sunday, poured them out on the lawn and picked them up with the mower.  We kept the bags and stickers for future use.  Moral of this story is – don’t manually rake leaves the day before the lawn guys is arriving.


The lawn guy's nice mower


Front yard looks nice... at least for today :)


John’s project of replacing all of the hallway and exterior light bulbs with lower wattage compact Florescent light bulbs (CFL) was finished up today.  He even found some small flame shaped ones for the chandler in the front hallway. He replaced 60 watt incandescent bulbs with 15 watt CFL’s.   This should drop the energy usage by one-third and last for years.  He also replaced the old exterior light fixtures with new ones – front and back.


Old light fixture - collected lots of dead bugs


New fixture - utilitarian, but sealed from bugs.

The spots on the siding around the lights appear to be from bugs.  Looks like moths are attracted to the lights at some time of the year and the leave moth-poo on the wall.  There’s also lots of spider webs all over the building.  Project for next weekend is to use a pressure washer to clean it up.  I may need to get a bucket of cleaner and sponge to get the nasty area around the lights – but will see.

On Sunday afternoon I went ice skating at the Metro Ice Sports Facility.  The facility is run by park district and features two large ice rinks.  The facility is much colder inside then I because used to at the mall in Portland.  Was skating with shorts, t-shirt and practice hockey jersey on – seem frigid at first, but once I got warmed up it was fine.  Perhaps hypothermia was setting in and I was just feeling warm 🙂  Ended up skating for 90 minutes.  At first my feet really hurt, but after 15 minutes they were fine.  They were telling me that I had not been skating for a few weeks.  Once I got warmed up I practiced doing forward/backward crossovers and other maneuvers I learned in Portland.  Really like how crisp the ice is here – easier to skate on and you go faster.  The availability of public skating times is not as good here as in Portland.  Most rinks have public skating for just a few hours several times a week.  In mid-November a large outdoor ice skating rink opens up in downtown Des Moines that will be fun to check out.


Inside the ice rink

My work day went by quickly today.  Many of my co-workers took the day off for Columbus Day.  It is considered a flexible holiday – so I could work it if I wanted and take the day off another time.  Planning on heading to my parent place in Illinois next Friday – so now I can just make a three day weekend of it.

Prince is definitely starting to like his new home.  Today he slept on top of  a desk in the office while I worked.


Home is where your kitty-nest is....

After work  I made a quick supper of canned vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Hit the spot.  Afterwards I went grocery shopping for the week at Hy-Vee.  Made it home and put the groceries away in time to go for a bike ride around the lake.  The rain had stopped an hour ago.  Things were still a little damp out, but the sun was starting to poke through the clouds.  Took a few pictures during the 40 minute bike ride:


IMG_3258.JPGGlad I went for the ride, but my bike is a bit of a muddy mess.  Put it away dirty with the intention of spraying it off before my next ride.  Do not want to put it away while wet…  just dusty…

Not much else going on… going to watch TV, do some computer stuff and relax…

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