Greetings from Iowa…

My first ice skating class of the season was Monday evening.  Felt good to be back on the ice.  We practiced the basics – forward stroking, forward and backwards swizzles.  My feet started to hurt towards the end of the class – sign I have not been skating enough.  Wish I could go skating more, but they only have public skating hours on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.. Seems like I’m busy with other things on the weekend and don’t make it.

Have not been feeling well this week.  Yesterday woke up with a bad migraine type headache, fever and feeling nauseous. My eyes were sensitive to light – so looking at anything bright (computer monitor, sunlight) made my headache pound even more.  Had to call in sick to work on Wednesday and spend day in darkened bedroom hoping it would go away…  Not much fun..  I’m on-call this week at work and my boss is away on vacation, so being sick did not help matters much…. Glad nothing really bad (support wise) went down….

Today I still have a headache, but eyes not as sensitive to light – so was able to make it through the work day.  If I worked at a “real office” I definitely would have not made it..

John has been busy with school and apartment building stuff.  He’s working with another landlord to select a new guy to do the snow removal this winter.  The one we used last year kept sending different people to plow out the driveway and ended up tearing things up too much.  Working with a neighboring complex will give the selected snow removal people two adjoining place – and hopefully a good price for both of us.

We have a tenant moving out towards the end of the month.  Have started to make preliminary arrangements so we can quickly get the apartment ready to rent again.  On Saturday we have a carpet guy stopping by with samples to get an estimate.  This is the same guy who installed the hallway carpeting last February.  The store we purchased the carpeting went out of business, but the installer has his own carpeting business.  Think it will be much easier to deal with an independent carpet guy then with a big box store.  All of the apartments in our building have the exact same floor plan – so he can use our unit as a guide.  Wish we could also have our unit carpeted, but not in the budget right now.

This is “crunch week” for both of John’s classes.  He’s been working on compiling reports and Power Point presentations with content partially contributed by his teammates.  There is a major presentation that his team will be giving on the the 23red – so also ramping up for that.  He only has 20 more days of college classes to go.  Will see if he gets a case of “Senior-itis” 😉

His job hunt continues.  He had several promising calls from recruiters this week for some local positions.  At this point in time we are hoping he can find something in the greater Des Moines area.  Would be much easier then having to pack up and move to a different city in the winter….. Leaving the apartment building to a leasing company is always an option, but doing so now would leave many projects unfinished.

Not much else going on…  Going to lay down and rest my eyes for a bit, then get some stuff done around the house….

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