Quick blog posting tonight.

Just got back from the Aurora Quick Care Walk-in Clinic. My left knee is still really hurting when I bend it, so decided to have a doctor look at it. The nurse practitioner and the doctor were both pretty sure that gout has moved into my knee. They prescribed me some Indomethacin capsules and said it should start feeling better in the next 12 hours. The strange thing is that my knee hurts like heck, but the toe that usually has the problem is just fine. Doctor said it will sometimes go from joint to joint with not much reason. It makes me wonder if the motor home is not level and the crystals went to my knee instead of my toe while sleeping…. probably not…..

Had the prescription filled at a Walgreen’s and made it home. The knee really really hurts when I get in and out of the Jeep – when I have to bend it.. really nasty….

Decided to try some of the herbal remedies on Amazon to see if they help keep the flare ups from occuring. Ordered this stuff:

and this stuff:

They were not very expensive, so not out much if it they do not help.

Not much else going on. Work has been work… same old same old… John gets back to Milwaukee, WI tomorrow. He sounds like he is getting really wore out and burned out. He really needs a break, but he probably has to work some more this weekend.

I’m heading to my parent’s place in Thomson, IL on Friday night for my fall visit. Hope my knee feels better before the 3 hour drive. I told John I’m going to take his Jeep for the trip because it has more leg room for my bad knee – he said no….. I did accidentally squeal the tires on it when I stepped on the gas when light turned green on way home from work tonight. It surprised me since it’s hard to do on the Subaru because of the all wheel drive…

I’m heading back to bed to read for a bit and fall asleep….

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