Greetings from a sunny fall day in Iowa..

Had a nice, but cool, day here with temps in the lower to mid-60’s..  Took advantage of the weather to go on a bike ride to Gray’s Lake and back.  Have not been on many rides the past month because of needing to work on the apartment – so felt great to get out and about.


We are now in full swing of trying to get the renovated apartment rented out.  Have the “Apartment for Rent” sign on the front lawn, ad posted on Craigslist and various other apartment finding websites – can check out our page on Zillow and on Craigslist.  We have had six people/families come and check it out so far.   John has been the one showing it and he has been getting comments about how nice and clean it is.  Have received two applications so far, but some are not getting past our credit and background check requirements.  Had someone set to check the place out this evening at 4:30pm but they were a no-show.

If I’m around while John is showing the apartment, I will take the trash or recycling stuff out so I can check out the potential tenants car.  A person’s car can be an indicator of their general lifestyle and cleanliness.  Finding most of the cars are much nicer then the Jeep Liberty we drive.

Have a few gallons of the white and green paint we used in the renovated apartment left over.  Next weekend I want to paint our bathroom with it and maybe replace the shower doors with shower curtain like we did downstairs.    Will see what my ambition level is like next weekend. 🙂

On Saturday morning it was “kitty bath time”.  We gave Ethan and Prince both a good shampooing in the kitchen sink with the sprayer.  This was the first time we have bathed Ethan – so John had me hold him by the scruff of the neck to keep him still.  Ethan still has his front claws so we proceeded as quickly as possible to scrub him down and get rid of any “butt crunchy”.  Ethan attempted to climb up the kitchen curtains to get away once, but other then that did just fine.  I asked John to bath me next, but he just walked away.  I might have had a butt crunchy that he could tend to 🙂


Saturday mid-morning (after kitty baths) I went and volunteered at the Animal Rescue League from 10:30am to 2:00pm.  Mainly worked in the cat area, but wandered through the dog area now and then.  The first thing I did was identify which cats did not have their names written on the  windows of their cages.  Then used a dry erase marker to post information like “Fluffy – 2 year old female cat, front-declawed”.  This way people wandering through the cat area can get a quick glance of their stats.  Then I helped to adopt 3 cats and 1 little orange kitten.  I talk to potential adopters – listen to their stories (old cat died, old cat lonely, want 2nd cat and etc) and then help them find a suitable kitty.  Then get cats out of their cages and bring them to little “hug rooms” so they can interact with their potential new family.  One family had me bring them six different cats before they decided they liked the first one the best 🙂  After working at home by myself all week, it is nice to interact with people, ironically at the animal shelter.  Most of the staff members know me now and it is a fun way to spend part of the day.



At 2:00pm left the shelter and drove directly to the ice rink for my last ice skating lesson of this six week session.  Was a really good lesson – Coach Kim went over a more refined way to do forward stroking so we “don’t look like penguin’s going down the ice”.  I caught on after a few minutes – was fun.  Plan to sign up for another six week of lessons.  Is hard to believe that in just 30 days I will probably be able to go skating downtown at the outside ice rink.

We would like to go on one more weekend camping trip before we winterize it for the year.  Thinking probably in two weeks – depending on if we have new tenants moving in at the end of the month, or not.

Not much else going on – going to play Minecraft for a bit, watch TV and get ready for another fun filled week of work.  Tomorrow is Columbus Day – a bank holiday.  I have the option to work on Monday or not.  I chose to work it so can I have an additional vacation day that I can use when I want – only catch is that I must use it by the end of the year.  Not allowed to roll vacation days over to the new year.

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