Greetings from another great fall day in West Des Moines, IA….

Temps got into the 70’s again today – yeah!  Making sure to appreciate the nice weather as much as I can because it will not be lasting much longer.  Weather is expected to take a turn to the cooler side starting Wednesday…

Last night I was so sore when I crawled into bed from all of the yard word.  Ended up taking a long hot shower and some ibuprofen to take the edge off.  This morning I felt  much better.

Was back to school for John today with the start of the next semester.  He is taking an object oriented programming class (Visual Basic 2010) along with a graphics arts class (Adobe products).  They both sound like fun to me, but I hear him grumbling about having to program in Windows using Microsoft products.  The basic concepts of programming will generally apply to most programming languages.

My work week is going to be busy because of the “QA Virtual Conference” I’m signed up for.  It is a series of conference call sessions where you listen to speakers talk about different aspects of software development and quality assurance.  I’m signed up for 12 different hour long sessions so that will take time away from my programming projects.  My management has been pushing these sessions, so feel it is a good thing to participate with my annual review coming up in the next month and all.  Plus I like to take advantage of any training the “major financial institution” provides – something I usually had to pay for as a consultant.

My major project is moving along, but can’t quite seem to ever get it done with.  Once I think I have the programming wrapped up, the testers find something new that I did not know about, or they want changed.  So half of my day is spent doing rework on it… So much fun programming to a moving target.

Over the weekend we started having problems with our internet service.  We kept having to turn the DSL modem on and off to get it working again.  Same problem this afternoon – so John gave Qwest a call.  They were able to pull up the modems log and see were we had restarted it.  They decided it was going bad and are sending a new one out to us that we should get tomorrow.

Our lawn guy, Bob, came today and did a nice job of leaf removal and mowing.  It is nice not having to deal with both of those tasks while we get the place in order.  Found out today someone spray painted something on deck outside the upper back door.  Probably something for a school project or a craft project?  They managed to spray dark red paint on the building and the railing.  John was a bit unhappy to say the least.  Will get some graffiti remover at the hardware store tomorrow and see if I can get it off without messing up the crappy vintage brown exterior paint.

Last week I finished watching The Renovators –  the Australian reality show where the contestants worked to fix up six old houses.   The final six contestants take the homes they renovated to auction and the one with the highest amount of profit get the profit from all six places.  Sounds good – could be a large sum of money.  Reality set it when most of the houses sold for very little over what they had in them.  The winner was Michael and he took home less then $30,000.  Felt kinda bad for the contestants because they really worked their asses of hoping for a big six figure prize….  The producers of the show say it will be back next year with a revised format….

Michael at the finale. Kinda like his dread-lock hair... wonder how you get it to do that..



Now I’m watching X-Factor Australia.  The problem with watching so much Australian TV is that I don’t hear their accents as much anymore….

Not much else going on… going to sweep up some leaves from the back stairway… then watch more leaves fall from the oak tree.  Should get a yellow ribbon for it, find my Tony Orlando and Dawn 8-track, and listen to it while enjoying a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon.

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