Greetings from a dark, overcast and cool evening in West Allis, WI…

My knee is still really sore. The gout medicine is helping, but still really hurts when I bend it. Feels like there’s shards of glass tearing my knee apart. It is no joke…. Yesterday I did not make it to work until 1:00pm because it hurt too bad to drive. I took some Aleve and put a bag of ice on it. Both eventually helped enough that I was able to limp to the car and then into work. Was glad to still be using John’s Jeep so I don’t need to press the clutch with my sore leg… I had some end users screaming bloody murder that I was not there to take care of some items for them, so was a good thing I managed to make it – for 4 hours at least.

John make it back from Washington, DC in one piece yesterday afternoon. His boss picked him up at the airport and then drove him to the RV park. They then checked out one of the local bars for a few hours to catch up on business. When I arrived at the MoHo John was not around – but in an hour he came over from the bar – a bit drunk. It was kinda fun seeing him so happy for a bit, until he got a nasty headache and fell asleep around 9:00pm.

Decided that my knee hurts too much to drive to my parent’s place this weekend. I called them and rescheduled for next weekend. The knee should be in better shape by then. No way I could sit in car for 3 hour drive and would not be much fun limping around the farm.

Made it to work an hour later then usual this morning because I needed to put some ice on it again. It sucked driving the Subaru into work – knee was throbbing while holding the clutch down at stop lights… The work day did not go to bad – got lots accomplished while propping my leg up on an overturned trash can under my desk. It worked out well.

My consulting company called me with some interesting news. There’s a chance that my contract may be extended past the current Nov. 19th end date. Don’t have any particulars on how long the extension would be for, but there is a meeting on Oct. 25th where the project I would be working on will be approved/denied. Think I’ve been down this road before…. 🙂

Tonight my knee is feeling a little bit better – does not seem to be as puffed up and red. Now if I can just lay on the couch and have John wait on me all weekend….. 😉

No plans for the weekend now – just lay low, baby my knee along and hope for the best…. Have started reading a new e-book on the nook – “The Boy Genius and the Modul” – it tells the story of how the television was invented by Philo T. Farnsworth:

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