It’s about time I did a blog posting….

Spent the weekend at my parent place in Thomson, IL and had today off from work.  Takes me 4 hours from the apartment building to their farm – and that includes a stop for gas/food on the way.  Taking I-80 is fine, except it is very busy with lots of large trucks.  They really need to expand it to be at least three lanes in each direction to better accommodate everyone.

Living in different parts of the country we have a feel for what drivers are like all over.  In Iowa I’ve categorized them as excessively fast and kinda dumb…  They love to drive 15 over the speed limit and tail-gate everything in site.  No wonder a few people are killed on the major roads around Des Moines every week…

Was nice to spend a the weekend at the farm.  On Saturday morning went to the farmers market where they sell home grown produce twice a week.  The weather was brisk with gusty wind and temps in the 40’s and 50’s.  It really helped when the sun got high enough to shine down on us…


Mom in between waiting on customers


Dad working his side of their spot

They still have lots of beans, tomatoes, potatoes, squash and pumpkins to sell.  This coming week it will probably get cold enough to freeze some of the crops as the season is coming to a close.  They will continue to go to the market into November, as long as the weather holds out selling squash and other fall crops.

After the market they then open their stand up at home for the remainder of the weekend.


All set for customers


Mini pumpkins, gourds and squash...

Keeps them busy waiting on customers and picking more stuff out of the gardens.

Saturday evening we went out to a local diner – The Sunrise.  Had a yummy supper with their Italian Combo special.  Was at least six different types of pasta cooked together with a thick sauce on top.  Really hit the spot after being outside in the cool air all day.

Sunday I worked on their computers for a few hours.  Running Windows updates and making sure they were working properly.  Dad’s printer was not turning on at all.  Found the power supply had gone bad – so ordered a replacement one on Amazon.com.  Hoping that will fix the problem.  In the afternoon helped dad pick and clean pumpkins, gourds and squash.

Then on Sunday evening we went out to eat at my favorite place in Clinton, IA – Rastrelli’s .  They serve Italian food, but their menu is varied enough that I did not need to have pasta two nights in a row.  Alway order their cherry Coke to drink because they make it with cherry syrup and they put a cherry in it.  For food, ended up going with their special of the evening – Airline Chicken.


My airline chicken dish

Checked and ‘airline chicken’ refers to the chicken breast cut

leaving the meat on the first joint of the wing.   The Food Timeline website says: “

According to the National Chicken Council “The term “airline chicken breast” first became popular in the 1960s when major commercial airlines included full service meals on air flights that were of sufficient length/time to serve such meals. Airlines required a relatively small breast portion for a number of reasons and kept part of the wing on to give a presentation that made the serving portion appear to be bigger than it actually was and also to give it a certain differentiation from the non-airline breast. It was and still is a relatively costly product. My guess is a chef on PanAm or similar top airline developed the concept and other airlines quickly followed. Few, if any, domestic airlines still have “meals” that include “airline chicken breasts.” Some caterers have this type of product for special occasion events. The Council adds: “The term “airline chicken” goes back a long way. It used to be called a “hotel cut.”

Anyway… it was delish…  Really liked the sun dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts in the sauce…

Today got packed up and was on the way back to West Des Moines by 9:00am.  My parents stored a few of our antique radios at their place, so brought them back with me.  Would like to purchase a shelving unit or install some wall shelves so I can display our antique radio collection in the apartment.  Right now they are just on the floor waiting a home.

Made it to the apartment by 1:00pm where John and Prince were very happy to see me.



Once I got the Jeep unpacked he headed downtown to the Polk County courthouse to register for the Iowa Homestead Exemption.  On the way down we stopped at the Americana Restaurant for a late lunch.  Was a nice trendy/urban place.  Had a mushroom panini with side of cold pasta.  Hit the spot.  Would like to go back there again some evening.


Made it to the courthouse by 2:30pm and easily found the right room to register for the exemption.  It will reduce the amount of our property taxes by $150.00 a year because we live in the apartment building.  It is done to promote home ownership.  Was pretty much a ‘non-event’ – they asked for our address, found it in their system with my name, checked that I had come in and then we were done in less then 5 minutes.

On the way back home we stopped at Office Max.  John had used up all the toner in my laser printer by printing out one of his e-book textbooks.  Replacement toner cartridge cost $75.00 – hope he does not go through it so quickly – the last one only lasted for two weeks.   Hoping the printer came with half the toner of a normal cartridge.  One of the store employees gave John a coupon good for 20% off everything in the store – so we stocked up on paper, envelopes and some hanging folders for my desk.  Ended up saving $60.00 with the 20% off and a few other discounts.


So that was my exciting weekend.  It’s back to work for me tomorrow.  My manager called me when we were at the restaurant downtown to ask me a question.  He said that he was having a hectic day and that I picked a good day to have off…. So expecting to have lots of things to work on right away in the morning….  Job security 🙂

Going to read for awhile and head to bed a little early…..






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