I had a typical day at work, except that I arrived 30 minutes later then usual. I-4 was backed up, so I got off on exit 3, instead of exit 1 and was stuck driving a few miles west on busy city streets – I’m sure it took longer then if I would have just stayed on I-4… oh well…. I made it home a little bit after 6:00pm.

Some good news about the Village of Thomson programming – they have agreed to purchase the upgraded software – so I can upgrade the vintage 1989 DOS based FoxBase+ to Visual FoxPro 9. This will make things much nicer to work with in the future. I ordered the software today and should get it tomorrow.

John had a full day of work. He is learning the fine art of cleaning restrooms and providing other maintence duties. He likes being able to walk to work and not having to drive in traffic. I’m jealous…. I’ve asked him to find out if there will be a Halloween costume party this month and to confirm when will Bingo be starting? I like to play Bingo and giggle when they call O-69, under the O – 69….

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