Greetings from a cold fall evening at the State Fair RV Park.

Seems like each day the RV park is getting a little emptier. There’s probably 20 RV in the park, but with them being all spread out, it seems like less. I can definitely tell the days are getting shorter – at 6:15pm it’s already dark out….

Last week I stopped at grocery store to get Prince a new bag of kitty food and ended up buying him a new toy. It’s a big fabric butterfly at the end of a plastic stick – he loves it! Here’s some pictures of him playing with it tonight:


Butterfly on a stick - you know you want it...



He gets bored of his individual toys after a few days, so we rotate them by keeping them in cabinet and suddenly taking one out. I’ve named most of his play things, there’s George, Henry and I’ve name the butterfly Flappy…. it’s cloth wings make a flapping noise when you move it up and down….

The gout in my left knee is getting better, but is still sore. On Friday night it suddenly started to feel better. In the course of an hour the inflammation lessened and the throbbing pain stopped. The remainder of the weekend it was still tender when I bend it, but would feel fine if I relaxed my leg. So spent most of weekend on couch or sitting in front of computer.

While doing laundry I talked to one of our “neighbors” who asked what was wrong with my knee. It turns out that he has gout also – has had it for 40 years. He takes medicine for it every day and has not had it return in over 20 years. About this time my phone rang – it was the Aurora clinic doing a follow up call from my walk in visit. They wanted to make sure the medicine was helping and then asked if I wanted to come in and get signed up for a “home doctor”. I did and set up an appointment for today with Dr. Buck.

Appointment was at 2:30pm – so go out of work at 2:00pm. Got right in to see him. He is going to set me up on some medicine that I take all of the time. Exact dosage is waiting on the uric acid test results. I don’t like having my blood drawn (an understatement), but the nurse did a really good job – was done before I knew it started. Tonight my arm is a bit sore.

We did get the older MacBook Pro configured with Plex and connected to our TV system. The DVI to Video adapter works fine get 1024 x 768 resolution on the TV. We ended up putting the laptop on John desk, next to his and then running a 20 foot video/audio cable along with passenger side wall, to the front cabinet and then over to the video equipment above the driver side door. You can’t see it, unless you know where to look…. Only thing that did not go as planned was the Apple Remote Control. It uses Infared (IR) signals to communicate with the computer and the MacBook Pros do not have IR ports. Was able to purchase the Plex iPhone app and use it as a remote. It is nice and responsive, as long as you have bluetooth turned off on the iPhone.

It is nice to finally be able to watch movies and content from the web on the TV. It’s also amazing to see how much free content you can pull in with the Video Plug-In’s that Plex provides. PBS, NBC, HGTV, HULU, MTV and a bunch of movie and documentary services I’ve never heard of. Some of the content is a little ‘hit or miss’ – some works right away, and some does not – but for a free service I’m not complaining. I could see in a few years how we could replace cable and satellite with internet based programming…

Not much else going on. John just texted that he will be home in a few minutes. Then we have a PeaPod grocery delivery sometime between 7pm and 9pm to watch out for….

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