Work went well today. I had a busy day because I had several meetings to attend for a new project and also working on finishing up some older projects. For breakfast I had two apples. For lunch I had a shrimp salad served on a bed of lettuce and a cup of mixed fruit. For supper I had a bowl of chop suey. This should help compensate for pigging out on fried chicken last night. My weight was up a pound as a result… I really should not weigh myself daily, but I find it to be a reward when I’m down and a punishment when I’m up……

We’ve decided to go on a impromptu camping trip this weekend, so John spent most of the day cleaning the inside of the RV and preparing for the trip. We are not going far, but we decided it will be nice to get away from the city and enjoy the fall weather. The weather forecast is calling for a gorgeous weekend – clear skies, highs in the mid/upper 70’s and lows in the mid-50’s. I’m looking forward to sitting next to a real campfire and sipping sugar-free hot coco….

I’m doing laundry, once again, and John went grocery shopping. It is a bit dangerous having John buying groceries because he spends twice as much as I do, but he tends to buy better stuff then I do – so it kinda evens out.

Before going to bed tonight I will have to sit Prince down and explain to him that we are going on a weekend trip, but will be coming back. When we return on Sunday we will be moving to a different site at the RV park. The RV park is not very busy, so we picked out a 50 amp site that is to our liking. I believe it is the same site that Scott Hicks was in when we visited us a few years back. The 50 amp site will cost us an extra $25.00 a month, but it should give the power management system in the motor home a bit of a rest. It has been working overtime to juggle the 30 amps between the microwave, hot water heater and air conditioner/heater.

I need to finish up so I can move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. It bugs me when other campers leave their clothes in the washing machines long after they are done, so I try to promptly remove mine. The washing machines are not very busy in the evenings here, but you never know….

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