Greetings from a cool windy day in Iowa…

The temps only got into the upper 40’s today with cloudy skies – it really feels like fall out now.  Tonight it is going to get down to 36… burr…  We installed a digital thermostat last week and have it set to 68.  The furnace runs a little bit at night, but not at all during the day.

Today our TV Service was put in place.  The installer arrived on time at 8:15am and spent 90 minutes.  Have it installed in the living room and the back bedroom.

Been having a hectic work week.  Seems like I’m paying for having Monday off by having to deal with several odd production problems.  Main issue is one of the databases has a corrupt document in it and I’m not able to remove it.  So working with the administration team to get it resolved….  Also have several smaller projects that would like to have completed by Friday…

For supper made BBQ chicken breasts in the oven.  Thought they turned out pretty good… baked for 1 hour at 350, then basted with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and baked for 15 mins longer.  Don’t think John liked it very much – he kind of picked at it….

After supper we did our Wednesday evening hallway duties.  John vacuumed while I cleaned the windows.  The hallway feel fresher then when we first moved in… but perhaps we are just used to the general smell of the building by now…. not sure…

Been dealing with allergies the past few days.  I always get an allergic reaction at my parents farm.  Being outside in the country there’s lots of dirt, dust, pollen, cats and mold to deal with.  Usually I go home and it clears right up.  This time the allergy kept getting worse back at the apartment…  Woke up this morning with my eyes all puffed up and a rash on my face..  Used an ice pack to reduce the swelling, but they continued to itch all day long.  So after supper obtained some Zyrtec from Walgreens.  Was like $29.00 for the bottle of pills – so really hoping it helps….

Not much else going on…  with the TV installed it feels like we are finally getting settled here.  Now I need to spend time working on decorating and getting things organized better….  Now off to play Warcraft for a bit… have not played for at least a week… kind of miss it….

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