Scott Hicks (High Priest of the Church of the Modified motor home) wanted to see a picture of how the curtains in the front of the motor home turned out, so here it is:


New Curtains

The curtains are made out of a micro fiber suede that does a good job of blocking out the light. It helps to keep the motor home a bit cooler during the day. We also keep a towel on the dash board so Prince can lay on it and also not dig his claws into it when he jumps off. Prince likes to go in front of the curtains and lay in the sunlight during part of the day and then lay in his bed on the other side and sleep awhile. The life of a cat – eat, play, poo and sleep… it must be nice.

Last night I stayed up and watched the season finale of Project Runway. The winner was Jeffrey:

Jeffery from Project Runway

I think what set Jeffery apart from the others was his grasp of current fashion trends, and his own vision for his designs. I learned a few things from this show that I can incorporate into programming, like “taking time to sketch” so you have a solid plan of what you want to achieve. “make it work” – sometimes you just need to leave convention behind and just put something together anyway you can just to get past an obstacle….

For supper this evening we drove into Tampa and checked out the La Teresita cuban restaurant that Jason Hanson recommended in the shout-it out. The restaurant was setup “cafeteria style” so we sat and ate at a lunch counter with stools that snaked through the main room. We both ordered Carne Asada and the food was delivered in 5 minutes or so. The Carne Asada was basically a large piece of roast beef in a thick gravy with two small potatoes next to it, with separate plates of yellow rice and black beans on the side. The beef was very tender and tasty. On the way home John said he liked it, but thought the combination of roast beef, rice and black beans was a bit odd to him….

John’s big toe on his right foot has been bothering him because he had a hang nail that he removed and left some sensitive skin cracked so on the way home he wanted to stop somewhere to get some bandages and etc. The closest store I found was a K-Mart. It’s been awhile since I been to a K-Mart and it was actually not too bad. I purchased some Joe Boxer underwear, some new swimming trunks and stuff for John’s foot. Joe Boxer undies are really nice – just as soft as the Tommy Hilfiger ones I get, but about 1/2 the price.

Work is going well. Today I finally started to work on programming for the main project. I put together code, WSDL and Soap for a web service that is hosted in the Domino application. Not sure what this means – good, that keeps me in business 😉 I’m using a tool called XML Spy that does a really nice job of assisting with building the WSDL and SOAP definitions.

I received the Visual FoxPro 9 software for the Village of Thomson project yesterday and spent last evening getting the databases setup in it. Visual FoxPro is so much nicer to use then the old FoxBase, but is it amazing that most everything that I did in FoxBase still works in Visual FoxPro. I will spend lots of time this weekend working on it. This weekend I also want to checkout another large flea market – “USA Flea Market” in Port Richey, FL. The brochure I have says they have “1,000 covered rental spaces on 40 acres of Bargain Shopping”. John complains about going, but he usually finds more stuff to purchase then I do….

I have been doing lots of walking since we moved to the East Tampa RV Park. I have figured out a route that takes me around 50 minutes to complete – it snakes through the three different areas in the park. I walk at 6:15am before I go to work, and again in the evening once the sun goes down – around 8:30pm or so… It feels good getting some exercise since I sit on my butt all day long at work while programming.

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