Hi all John Here…

Not a whole lot going on–  Derek is working late tonight.  I think he is tring to give me a taste of living with me, finally get off early a night, and no Derek here to entertain me…  🙁

So work has been pretty hectic.  Tom finally made the big move about 3 weeks ago and released our operations manager.  I won’t go into any details here, other than to say we are actively looking for a replacement, and the vibe in the company has drastically improved.  That being said, it is 2005 all over again, and I am right back in the thick of things and still at a crossroads as to where I want to be.  On the plus side, I will certainly always have Tom’s loyalty, and always have work.  If I made a commitment to him, he would probably meet any demands I had, but I really question weather I want to work in transportation at all.  I had hoped this whole VA/MD start-up would be enough of a distraction to re-fire my interest, but sadly it has really only highlighted the parts of the industry I absolutely loath.  I can see Tom’s frustration building, even though things are really looking like we are on the right track, but sometimes I don’t think he sees the urgency to replace Jason, even though I know he understands how important it is to find the correct person for the role.  Anyhow…

Derek continues to search for the next job, and no real news yet as of which direction we are headed.  He says he will have several late nights in the upcoming weeks. His knee continues to improve, slowly.  He did have an appointment with a regular doctor, and will hopefully be on a maintenance medication so this doesn’t continue to flare up.

We have been getting several emails from blog readers.  I really enjoy hearing form everyone!  The bad news is that I can’t respond to your emails.  Derek needs to look into it, but says he thinks it is fine.  The Contact form has a spot to put in your email address, and is basically on an auto-forward to our real emails.  For whatever reason, It doesn’t forward your email address to us, so If you want a reply, please include your email address in the message body.

One question we had was how we have WiFi in the RV.  When we are in one spot more than a month, we tend to subscribe to a land based DSL or cable internet.  This gives us the speed and bandwidth we need, and we don’t have to worry about limits, etc.  We just use out DSL Modem/Router as our local WiFi hub, but tend to plug our laptops right to the routers because it is more reliable/faster.  The new Media Server uses that WiFi for the iPhone interface, and allows us to control it with that.

Anyhow, it’s late, and I am off to bed.  Have a good night.


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