Greetings from a cool dark evening at the State Fair RV Park…

I’ve installed a different plug-in for the “Contact Us” page.  This one appears to actually work.  Try it out so we know for sure….

Yesterday I ended up working until 11:00pm.  It was kinda creepy being the only person in the large building.  When I left there was only three cars in the parking lot – the other two much have been in the adjoining building.  I found some interesting things out like listening in to office gossip from coworkers who did know know I was still around, and that the janitorial service only empties the garbage at my cube – does not vacuum daily.

I stayed late to copy a bunch of data from production so it can be run through a conversion and used in new version of application on the test server.  End users cried bloody murder that they needed the data in place by 8:00am.  Data was all ready, but users did not get around to using it until around 11:00am.  Oh well, my manager thanked me….

My leg is still getting better.  Getting in and out of the Subaru is what hurts the most because I have to bend my knee so much.  Today I was able to walk without limping for the first time in the last two weeks – so progress.  Yeah!  I still have not heard back from Dr. Buck about the results of my uric acid test and what medicine they are going to put me on.

This week I purchased a whole 6.8 lbs roasting chicken from PeaPod – they had them on sale.  So tonight I made it for supper.  It turned out really good – nice and juicy.  This is the first time I’ve see a chicken come with a pop-up indicator to let me know when it is done.

Tomorrow night I will need to do laundry and get ready for my trip to see my parents in Thomson, IL.  I’m leaving Friday after work and plan on hitting the road right from work.  I wanted John to come along, and maybe drive the motor home down for the weekend.  He’s stuck working this weekend and can’t… so I get to go alone…

Watched Apple’s ‘Back to Mac” media event today – it’s “Apple Porn” for me.  Get to see all the new things Apple will be doing in the next 6 months.  I like how they will be rolling out an App Store for the Mac computers – will make it easy to find and install new programs and games.  You can check out www.macrumors.com for a run down of all the other announcements like OS X Lion and the new laptops…..

Not much else going on…  going to watch tv, do some computer stuff and read before heading to bed….  John’s watching Cougar Town – not my favorite show – it’s like Boston Legal for 40-something actresses.   Will be nice to get to sleep at regular time tonight….

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