My work day was non-eventful – my supervisor, Mark, and my coworker, Chad were both out of the office so I spent the day working on programming that goes along with the web service I setup yesterday. In general the day went by quickly.


Stuck in traffic - no one going anywhere fast...

It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes to drive 14 miles on I-4 East bound on my way home tonight – Yuck! I left and 5:00pm and arrived at the motor home at 7:20pm. There was no big accident or road construction that I saw – it seems like there was just too many cars for too little road. Here is a picture of what I was stuck in:

John ordered pizza online from Papa John’s and had it delivered to the motor home. He said delivery only took 20 minutes. Needless to say the pizza was waiting when I got home. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer goes really well with pizza…

Tomorrow we will probably take a trip to the USA Flea Market in Port Richey, FL. I hope I-4 has cleared out by then….

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