We had a really nice weekend. Scott Hicks flew down for the weekend and stayed with us. The trip to the Double J campground outside of Springfield went like clockwork. The campground was nice. It was very well laid out, clean and well-maintained. It was close to I-55/66 so we could hear a bit of the traffice sounds, but not too bad…

On Saturday we went shopping to Sam’s Club. I purchased an external 160 Gig hard drive to use with my Powerbook G4. I ran into a bit of a problem with it – the G4’s USB ports are too underpowered to run the drive off of a single port, so I needed to order a special cable ($10) that combines the power from two USB ports to run the hard drive with. The cable should arrive in the mail sometime this week and then I should be all set to use it. The 100 Gig hard drive built into the G4 is almost full. I want to backup iTunes and my documents on the external hard drive and move most of my large media files onto it.

On Saturday night we had a ham from the Honey Baked Ham store – it was sooo good. The lady at the store told John not to reheat the ham and serve it at room temperature. This seemed odd, but the ham was very good. They must have used at least a pound of brown sugar and honey on it. We also had salad, corn casserole and green beans with bacon. Everything turned out good and was sooo yummy!!

Today it was extremely windy. John had a difficult time driving in the strong head wind. He said that the motor home still handled easier then we towed a travel trailer behind his Ford F250. Scott enjoyed going down the road and surfing the web – he enjoyed not having to drive and just sit back and relax. When we returned to the RV park, we setup in a new spot with 50 amp service. Having full power will be really nice – we will not have to worry about when we run the microwave and other power hungry applicances as much. We should also be all set to keep the motor home heated when it gets cold.

Tonight we are going to the Four Seasons Chinese restaurant for supper with Perry and Paul.

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